Keyboard Cat Rocks Decatur

Decatur resident Moey, who’s Candy-Voting Machine went national last year (seriously, he was on CNN), this year took to Decatur’s streets as Youtube sensation “Keyboard Cat”.

Love it!

Moey On CNN Homepage

Mindy alerts us that a link to Moey’s segment on CNN Saturday Morning yesterday is a prominent link on right now. On top of that, you can buy a CNN t-shirt with the headline “Obama Wins Candy Vote” for $15!

Its Moey Madness!  All links and coverage can now be seen on

The Candy Vote Is In!

The candy has been tallied and though there were some reports of tampering (you people should be ashamed of yourselves!) the results are now posted in a rather hilariously edited video over at  (I especially like the look on Mindy’s face at the end when Moey announces how many days left ’til the election)

Great job guys!  Hope you had fun on CNN this morning!

On another Halloween-related note:  We got far fewer trick-or-treaters this year than last.  🙁   So, needless to say there’s a ton of candy left and no one to give it to.  I think my co-workers are about to put on a few pre-Thanksgiving pounds!

Moey Goes Global

Since first being featured on Decatur Metro, human candy voting booth, Moey, has become a Halloween sensation.  First it was a feature spread in AccessAtlanta; now his mom Mindy (a.k.a “altmod”) directs us back to, where there are links to interviews Moey has done with both XM Satellite Radio POTUS ’08 and XM Kids. (He’s one smart cookie!)

If that wasn’t enough, there’s even talk that 11Alive might cover Moey’s canvasing of Ponce Heights on Halloween night AND a potential segment on CNN Headline News.

We’ll keep you updated!

Oh…and let me throw one more humorous, “I’m so clever!” costume suggestion on the pile:  Have a 6 hour line of voters trail along behind him…sort of like those Verizon network commercials.

Candy Voting Machine Ready For the Big Day

Altmod lets us know that Moey’s candy voting machine is now fully operational and ready for Election Day…I mean Halloween!

Additionally, Moey’s costumes from previous years are online here.  The stuffable pinata is not to be missed!

Who Gets Your Sugar?

Frequent commenter, altmod, recently mentioned that her son will be dressing up as a candy voting machine for Halloween this year.  Candy givers will be asked to place their candy in either a McCain or Obama slot in his costume.

But that isn’t all! The whole effort has its own good lookin’ website with a very cute video from her son explaining all the details.  According to the website, results will be posted on the site on Halloween night by 11pm.  I have a feeling that’s gonna be own very lop-sided costume before the night is out!

I promise to have a follow up once all votes are tallied.