Decatur High Junior One1even’s New Music Video

Ben Lambeth alerts us to a new music video by Decatur High School junior Eron Smith (aka One1even)  that was just released on YouTube, entitled “Soundtrack To My Heartbeat”.

Take a listen and I think you’ll be thoroughly impressed and entertained by both Smith and the video itself, which was directed by Lambeth.  The song is smart and catchy – I must admit I’ve listened to it probably eight times now – and the video is quirky and well produced.

Oh, and if you feel the need to pick up a copy of Smith’s latest album, you can buy it right now on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.

“Confessions of Vengeance” Trailer Released

Director Ben Lambeth tells us that the “Confessions of Vengeance” trailer has just been released.  Nearly 100 volunteers, mostly Decatur High School students, work on this film over the summer, according to Lambeth.

The movie will premiere at Open Art on November 13th.  Ben explains the event…

Open Art is a showcase for young Decatur artists (mostly DHS students), founded earlier this year and run by students. The doors open at 6:00 with four local bands playing, and the movie will begin at 8:00. It will be at First Baptist Church.

Decatur High Students Filming Around Decatur

The answer to what was filming at Sammiches n’ Stuff a few days back is news in itself.  From DHS student Ben Lambeth…

I’d like to announce the production of “Confessions of Vengeance.” Completely written and directed by recent Decatur High School graduate Ben Lambeth, and produced by fellow graduate Marcus Matkins, this short action film follows Frank, an ex-gangster who must return to his mob family in order to avenge his sister’s death.

Over the past week, a cast consisting of many stars from DHS’s production of “Hamlet” and nearly a hundred local volunteers have worked day and night in locations such as Kudzu Antiques, Sammiches N’ Stuff (which one Decatur Metro reader seems to have spotted), and locations in Avondale Estates to get the project shot. We are expecting to wrap up production before the end of July.

To follow the movie’s production, I’ve set up a Facebook page, and a website is in the works:

With the magnitude of this project, I can safely say this is the biggest locally-produced student film to come out of Decatur in history.