4th Annual Avondale Estates Tree Walk – Saturday, Oct 28th

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The Avondale Estates Garden Club presents the 4th Annual Avondale Tree Walk, a conservation project, from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, October 28.  This free event includes all members of the public, including children and families. The walk takes place rain or shine.

The registration area is in front of the gazebo, which is just steps away from our “Tree Huggers in Training” talks for children. Other tree talks for adults are also close by. The tree walk will begin after the talks. Arborists and landscape architects will lead six different routes in Avondale Estates. One of those is a walk around Lake Avondale for those who prefer or require a short walk.

Children who participate will receive a ‘Tree Hugger in Training Button’ and have the opportunity to  “guess how many acorns are in the jar” for a chance to win a book about trees.  All who go on a tree walk will receive a booklet, “75 Native Trees of Georgia,” from the Georgia Forestry Commission along with many other educational materials.  In addition, Trees Atlanta will have a table with resources, too. Of special interest to residents with homes that date to the 1920’s will be vintage photographs of the early development of Avondale, then called Ingleside.  Residents will want to come and try to identify their homes in these pictures made available courtesy of The DeKalb History Center.

Special thanks to:  City of Avondale Estates, the Avondale Estates Tree Board, the Avon Garden Club ,Arborguard Tree Specialists, Trees Atlanta, and Fred Mobley of The DeKalb History Center for their contributions to the 2017 Avondale Tree Walk.

2nd Annual Avondale Tree Walk Will Be Held on Saturday, October 25th

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Mother Nature will reveal the newest colors in her fall collection during the second annual Avondale Tree Walk on Saturday, October 25th from 10:00 am- Noon. Sponsored by the Avondale Estates Garden Club as a conservation project, this year’s walk will include beautiful specimens chosen by the Tree Walk Committee to strut on the catwalk of Avondale Estates.

Local arborists who will lead the walk include Mark Livingston, Arborguard; Gretchen Musser, Elements of Landscape Design; Neil Norton, ISA Certified Arborist; Gary Peiffer, Dekalb Co. Extension Agent; Steve Sanchez, HGOR; and Joan Scales, U.S. Forestry Commission.

Tree Walk Guides will point out the enormous benefits trees add to the urban environment, such as:

  • For every ton of new wood that grows, about 1.8 tons of carbon dioxide is removed from the air and 1 .3 tons of oxygen is produced;
  • One recent study reported that urban trees could be about 10 times as effective as forest trees for lowering carbon dioxide in cities;
  • Trees provide climate control & moderate the “heat island” effect of the urban setting;
  • Trees protect soil and water quality.

To take part in this free event, meet in the parking lot of the Avondale Community Club at 59 Lakeshore Drive at 10:00 am.   A new feature of this year’s walk will be the opportunity to ask a panel of experts about any concerns homeowners have with trees in their landscapes. The Avondale Estates Garden Club is a member club of The DeKalb County Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., the Redbud District of GCG, and the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

First Ever Avondale Tree Walk Next Saturday April 27th


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Gardeners and anyone interested in knowing more about the trees that add so much to Atlanta’s quality of life are invited to come out for the Avondale Estates First Annual Tree Walk on April 27. The walk is being co-sponsored by the Avondale Estates and Avon Garden Clubs. Local arborists including Dale Higdon, (ret.) Georgia Forestry Commission, Mark Livingston, Arborguard, DeKalb County Extension Agent Gary Peiffer, and Steve Sanchez will lead the walk and point out the defining and unusual characteristics of the city’s trees.

Avondale Estates is noted for its scores of magnificent old oak trees, including the Atlanta Champion Willow Oak that rises more than 110 feet tall and more than 120 feet wide. Numerous red, sugar and silver maples line residential streets. Avondale also is home to a number of noteworthy specimen trees like deodar cedars, ginkgos and unusually large hollies.

The Walk will highlight these and other trees that are outstanding specimens by virtue of their size, aesthetic appeal, or unusual appearance in the Georgia landscape. To take part, meet in the Avondale Community Club parking lot, at 59 Lakeshore Drive, at 10:00 am. The Tree Walk is scheduled from 10:00 am – Noon. Tree experts will lead the tours and answer your tree questions. This will be a fun event and a great way to learn more about trees.

Avondale Estates was the second city in Georgia to be named a “Tree City” and has been actively working to preserve and expand its tree population. For more information about the Walk, email: [email protected]