Decatur Snow Pics

UPDATE III: Also after the jump, a slideshow of winter photos from downtown Decatur sent in by Billy Planer.

UPDATE II: @nfdecatur’s got some solid pics of the DEC HERE.

UPDATE: After the jump, a pic of the Depot covered in the white stuff, taken by @kateburning.

OK, actually only one pic thus far, but it’s a good ‘un!  Submitted by Gary Kronick.

If you have some of your own, send ’em along and I’ll put together a slideshow.

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Looks Like Decatur, But Whiter and Shinier

Dang it’s icy out there!  I tried to demonstrate that with my pics. Be careful out there folks. 

If you’ve got some pics, send ’em along to decaturite[at] and I’ll add them to the album below.

Decatur Snow Party

With the year-after-year success of the “Decatur Beach Party”, on Sunday the city of Decatur surprised its residents with a first annual “Decatur Snow Day”!

I took this pic after making a snow angel in the street...
I took this pic after making a snow angel in the street...

Shops closed and residents headed for the hills to slip and slide in the slush.

The cost to make it snow over the entire city is still unknown, but some residents wondered if it was the best use of city funds during a recession.   Those people were unceremoniously pelted with snowballs.

Umbrellas in the snow! Now I've seen EVERYTHING!