Reed Looks Like Atlanta Mayor; AJC Allows Vitriol To Flow

I can’t say that I was able to sit around last night and await the verdict in the Atlanta mayor’s race, but a leisurely scroll up my AJC feed  on Google Reader and a check on CL’s excellent, continuously updated election post gave me a good recap of the night’s razor-thin, unofficial win by Kasim Reed.

Reed is already making the media rounds this morning, making pledges of a new, better, friendlier Atlanta police chief.  Low hanging fruit indeed, but really who could resist such a scrumptious political apple? Yum…police chief.

And though Mary Norwood is still promising a recount, the fall-out has already begun…in the AJC blog comments section.

It took precisely three comments on Jim Galloway’s fine recap of last night for the conversation to devolve into some sort of emotional therapy for those who suffer from knee-jerk reaction syndrome.

Why the AJC continues to allow itself to be a platform to yahoos and trolls is beyond me.  But if it’s simply a budget issue, please suck it the heck up and hire yourself a comments moderator.

The New York Times has 11 of ’em.  Do Atlanta and its new mayor (regardless of who it is) a favor and hire at least ONE.