Farm Burger Heading to Asheville

Tomorrow’s News Today reports that Farm Burger’s next location won’t be inside the Atlanta metro area.  Heck it won’t even be located in the state of Georgia.

According to TNT, Farm Burger is following in the steps of another Decatur staple, Universal Joint, and opening a fourth location in Asheville, NC.   Farm Burger will be located in the “historic Leader building”, which looks like it was just sold in January.

TNT goes on…

George Frangos, founder of Farm Burger, has been scouting other southern cities for his planned expansion outside of Atlanta and sees Asheville as a good secondary market considering its similarities to Decatur, home of the original Farm Burger.

So the question is: Is Asheville becoming “Decatur North”?  Or is Decatur becoming “Asheville South”?

Photo courtesy of lumierefl via Flickr