God, Furniture and Guts: the Treecycling Story of the Old Black Walnut at Decatur Presbyterian Church

Chadwick writes in with this excellent report.

First off , thanks to DM for putting me in touch with Pastor Todd Speed. Having just went through a similar experience with an historic pecan ( http://www.decaturmetro.com/2012/03/16/tree-cycling-at-the-marlay-lumberjack-style/ ) I shared my experience with Pastor Todd and his team. They were eager to work toward a solution that would salvage as much of the tree as possible.

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Worrying About and Caring For Your Trees

A concerned Left Wing writes in…

I, personally, am going to be cutting down a gigantic oak tree in my backyard because the root systems are so damaged from the drought, that it is not worth my families safety to leave a gorgeous but potentially lethal tree in my backyard.

Most of us find ourselves in similar situations around Decatur.  Pre-WWII developers didn’t subscribe to the clear cut methodology so often employed these days.  Therefore, large, ancient oaks, maples and pine stretch mightily over our rooftops, shading us from intense summer heat.

But of course there’s another aspect of trees that turns people’s awe to nervousness: they eventually fall down.

We all certainly saw this in full force on Monday.

If you have a confirmed case of a damaged or dying tree, you should have it removed.   But even if your trees are healthy, you should still show them the same amount of attention and care.   This Trees Atlanta page, “How to Protect Trees in Your Yard“, is a good place to start to learn about routine care and maintenance.  Also the “Storms – Don’t Panic” page can be useful if you’re looking for a list of Trees Atlanta-recommended arborists.

Oh and BTW, to the tree service company that left a business card on my mailbox yesterday: very classy.