Decatur CD April Fools Joke Fooled About 75% of Its Readers

Atlanta Magazine writes on its blog that Decatur CD’s annual April Fools joke put one over on about 75% of the people who read it.

Publicized in its newsletter and on its blog, Decatur CD explained that they were getting rid of all of their CDs, building a “swanky vinyl room” and transitioning to a shop that sells downloads instead of tactile music mediums.

I posted it with a ;-), because I’ll never forget the year they put one over on me, when they reported they were expanding into the Terra Mater space and turning the shop into a pub.  Scared for life!

But all in good fun!  Good one fellas!

Backyard Bison Story Goes to Print

HAHA!  Allison just pointed out that her Bison joke made it into this week’s Creative Loafing ‘Hood Highlight