“A Great Day in Decatur” Photo

The Decatur Book Festival’s Daren Wang sends in the end result of Thursday evening’s “A Great Day in Decatur” photo event with many our city’s published authors.

Back Row: Amber Dermont, Natasha Trethewey, Kevin Young, Paula Bloom

Next:Mickey Baskett, Eileen Cooley, Thomas D Rogers ,Rafael Ocasio, Allan Tullos, Richard Lenz, Brett Gadsden, Joshilyn Jackson, Dan Veach, Ken Foskett, Amanda Kyle Williams, Josh Russell, Mary G. Rolinson,Susan Youngblood Ashmore

Seated: Lee Furey, Tony Martin, Anne Emanuel, Andisheh Nouraee, Susan Puckett, Elizabeth Lenhard, Thomas Mullen, Elizabeth Dulemba, Terra McVoy, Tonio Andrade, Ryan Gainey

Apparently they get together and sit like this every couple weeks, but this is the first time anyone’s ever taken their picture!

BTW, you’ll probably want to click to enlarge.