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AJC Reports on Commission's Oakhurst Decision

The AJC provides a few more details on the Decatur City Commission’s decision to cut off city staff support and funding from the Oakhurst Historic District effort.  Included are a few more quotes from Mayor Bill Floyd.

“Historic districts “are not the devil,” Floyd said. “But not everyone wants them. You want to do it to preserve history — not to keep out infill housing. You want to do it for the right reasons.”

Floyd said there wasn’t money in the budget to cover the cost of surveying Oakhurst homes and notify residents about the process. He also believes the preservation commission, which operates independently of the City Commission, erred when it expanded the district boundaries beyond the original proposal.”

In my own reaction to the commission’s decision, I explain why technically its too early to announce the death of the Oakhurst Historic District nomination.  However, without the political support of the commission this nomination will almost certainly die.

Additionally, expanding the district boundaries may have been a political error, but it wasn’t necessarily a technical one.


South Avondale MARTA Lot to Be Developed

The AJC reports that part of the Avondale MARTA parking lot south of Columbia Drive East College Ave will soon be developed into apartments and street level shops (named Columbia Park) by the Decatur Housing Authority. The property will be leased from MARTA to the housing authority for $136k a year.

Though it may not stack up in size and number of chain restaurants with Lindburgh Station, I’m glad to hear that funding has been granted for this project. Well-built and attractive mixed income housing is important to keeping Decatur diverse and eclectic.

Also, check out the Decatur Housing Authority’s other mixed income development project just down the street, Talley Street Lofts.

Decatur City Commission Weighs In On Oakhurst Historic District

GoDeKalb prematurely writes off the Oakhurst Historic District in a report from the Decatur’s City Commission meeting last night, where opponents and proponents of the Oakhurst Historic District debated for more than two hours. According to the article, “Decatur officials voted to direct the City Manager to limit the use of city resources in processing a new historic district encompassing the former City of Oakhurst as annexed into Decatur”.

While I personally don’t believe that an Oakhurst Historic District can ever be created in such a hostile environment (since it is the voter-elected City Commission that creates historic districts and not the HPC), this vote still can’t completely “put the brakes” on a Oakhurst nomination. This isn’t a process that was started or is really supported by city staff other than to field inquiries by residents, which it should do for all district nominations. This nomination could still move forward if the neighborhood itself completed a historic resource survey of the entire district, which would undoubtedly take a substantial amount of time, but could in fact be done. Then the often unfairly slandered Historic Preservation Commission could review the nomination and RECOMMEND to the city commission whether or not the district was indeed “historic”. So while this vote by the city to minimize staff involvement might set proponents of the neighborhood back, it doesn’t halt the nomination entirely.

The article goes on to say that “City Manager Peggy Merriss said the City Attorney advised that the Commissioners could not intervene in an application until the HPC made a recommendation to them under the current ordinance. The Commissioners approved a second motion to ask the staff to review the historic preservation ordinance and to make recommendations on how to amend it.”

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Atlanta's "The New Opera" to Perform at Theatre Decatur

See The New Opera perform their original work An American Story: George Gershwin on Friday Oct 19th and Saturday Oct 20th at 8p at Theatre Decatur (420 West Trinity Place, Decatur). A press release describes the performance as a “jazz-infused opera” that follows the lives of George and Ira Gershwin as they first started to experience success as songwriters.

Tickets for the Theatre Decatur performances are $12 Adults, $10 Students/Seniors and can be purchased over the phone (404/373-3904) or in person at the Theatre Decatur box office.

Tickets for a subsequent Saturday, October 27th performance at Winters Chapel United Methodist Church, 5105 Winters Chapel Road Atlanta, GA can be purchased by phone (770/396-4550)

You can listen to audio selections from the work on The New Opera’s website.

'Hotel Rwanda' Speaker to Deliver Emory Lecture

From Emory Press Release

Emory University’s eighth annual “State of Race” event will feature the subject of the movie “Hotel Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina (“woo-ses-ah-bah-gee-nah”), who will deliver a lecture in Glenn Memorial Auditorium on “Hotel Rwanda: A Lesson Yet to be Learned” at 8 p.m., Tuesday, Oct 16.

Also a “Screen on the Green” of “Hotel Rwanda” will be held at 8 p.m., Monday, Oct. 15 on the Jenkins Courtyard of Goizueta Business School.

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are available at the Dobbs Center on campus, 605 Asbury Circle. 404-727-8425.

Decatur Wine Festival Tickets Now Available!


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