The Dalai Lama In His Own Words

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The Emory Wheel has the video (see above) from an interview the Dalai Lama gave to the press on Sunday.

For anyone that hasn’t had the opportunity to hear the Dalai Lama speak or will not be able to attend this afternoon’s public talk at Centennial Olympic Park, this is a great way to get beyond the headlines and hear the man in his own words.

UPDATE: WABE interviewed Emory Wheel editor Chris Megerian about his experience interviewing the Dalai Lama in the video above. Click the audio steam below to listen.

Back to the headlines…

The AJC and AP report from the faculty ceremony this morning where the Dalai Lama was officially instated as a member of the Emory Faculty. During the ceremony, the Dalai Lama was presented with his own Faculty ID card by student Emily Allen who went on to say “I suspect you will not need to carry this with you for identification, but in any case, we wanted you to know you are welcome,” The Dalai Lama also exhibited his famous self-deprecating sense of humor when he exclaimed “With no training, no modern education, now somehow I got a professorship. I feel really rewarded.”

Author Dana Thomas and Book TV @ Wordsmiths

Photo courtesy of Wordsmiths Books website

On Wednesday evening (7:30p), Wordsmiths Books will be hosting Newsweek’s style and cultural reporter Dana Thomas, while the bookstore’s parking lot will play host to the CSPAN2’s famous Book TV bus.

Book TV will be onsite to film Thomas’ reading and discussion from her latest release Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster. Thomas’ book delves into the world of “New Luxury”, where brands like Gucci, Prada and Burberry have sacrificed quality for mass production.

Afterwards make sure you make time to tour the Book TV bus, “which includes a tour of the state-of-the-art studio set, an interactive demonstration about Book TV programming, the opportunity to learn how a television show is produced, and a chance to sign up for programming alerts”.

See the Wordsmiths website for more details.

Over the Rhine @ Eddie's Attic

The amazing husband/wife duo, Over the Rhine will be performing at Eddie’s Attic Monday and Tuesday of this coming week.  Tables and tickets are sold out for both performances, so this posting is more of an excuse to showcase the talents of another great group we are so lucky to have pass through our town.

Enjoy the video above of Detweiler and Bergquist performing their version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” or click here and listen to all tracks off their latest album, The Trumpet Child.

Dalai Lama and Emory Bonding

Photo Courtesy of Emory University

With Dalai Lama’s much anticipated visit to Emory now in full swing, the AJC reports on long term plans between the university and Tibetian monks that stretch beyond this weekend.  Each party has a challenging task, with the monks teaching over-stressed and caffeinated college students spirituality and meditation, while Emory faculty will teach monks in India concepts of modern math and science.

Anything worth doing isn’t easy.  Expect a lot of beneficial things to come out of this partnership in the future.

More info on the partnership can be found on Emory’s website here.

"Love at the Pub" Brick Store Pub Book Released Next Month

Photo courtesy of “Love at the Pub”

While sitting on the curb of Decatur square yesterday, stuffing my face with a brat and chips from the Decatur High School Boosters food booth, my wife and I were approached by author and former Brick Store staff, Mary Jane Mahan (shown above), who informed us that she was writing a book about the Brick Store Pub (called “Love at the Pub”) that is going to be released next month.  She gave us each a business card with information and a website and told us that we were both invited to the release party.  The site doesn’t yet specify a specific day of release, but as soon as I find out a date and time, I’ll post them here.

If you have a story to tell about the Brick Store Pub or just love to hang out there, you definitely want to check out the book’s website.  There you can take a general survey about your Brick Store experiences or email the author to share a special story and get on the release party mailing list.

Story hotline & info: 800-867-7250

Email: [email protected]

Decatur Beer Festival Recap

Though it got a bit hot standing in line at the Sweetwater truck (above), the weather was clear and beautiful for Decatur’s Annual Beer Festival. The overwhelming number of beer choices were enjoyed by all. I recall a delicious Highland Black Mocha Stout and Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre. I’m sure there were other favorites, but at the moment my memory is a bit fuzzy.

People watching is at its best at an event like this, especially when you give people alcohol AND stickers. Take a look at the 15 or so pics from the event while I try to remove the stickers from my own shirt.

Onward to the Decatur Beer Festival

The intrepid Decatur Metro (and his wife) are heading into the lion’s mouth of the Decatur Beer Tasting Festival and won’t be back until they’ve been further educated in the school of artisan beers and throughly soused (no problem for us since we can walk to the Square).

Expect a full report and pics upon return.