Decatur Beer Festival Tickets Sold Out


You snooze, you loose AJC.  Anyone that’s reminded about the Decatur Beer Festival this weekend in this Thursday’s Table Talk section of the AJC is SOL.   The official beer fest ticket site says that tickets are sold out.  So unless you can convince a friend or acquaintance that getting drunk out of a miniature glass with 5,000 people in Decatur Square is your lifelong dream, you’ll have to wait ’til next year.

Sex, Wine and Chocolate Event @ Scottish Rite

Creative Loafing’s Omnivore Atlanta points out that the evocatively-titled Sex, Wine and Chocolate French-style cabaret show is coming to he Solarium at Historic Scottish Rite (321 W. Hill St., Decatur) this Thurs., Oct. 18.  In addition to burlesque dancers CL reports “To live up to the event’s title, there will also be a lingerie fashion show, pole dancers, a donation wine bar and plenty of chocolate desserts, including vegan treats provided by La Dolce Lulu and cupcakes from Sweet Pockets.”  A far cry from the solarium’s original use…Talk about adaptive reuse of historic buildings!

Buy your tickets to the “sex positive” show and decadence online here, for a suggested donation of $25-$50. All proceeds go toward Georgians for Choice, a pro-choice organization supporting reproductive freedom, and Generation Five, an organization working to end child sexual abuse.”

Decatur Adjusts to Drought, While GA Looks Ahead

Mary Swift of GoDeKalb lists the ways Decatur and the county of DeKalb are dealing with the North Georgia water shortage. Water conservation efforts by the city include ceasing “irrigation of ball fields, limiting the washing of city vehicles and providing dry hand sanitizers in public buildings.” The city has also asked restaurants to turn off all water features and only serve water to customers if asked. Additionally, as you may have noticed, the city has taken down all the flower pots that once hung from downtown light poles.

In anticipation of further drought, Swift reports that the city may turn off outdoor drinking fountains and icemakers in public buildings.  I would hope that before we started limiting people’s accessibility to drinking water that it is assumed that the city would first cease ALL non-compulsory water use like “limited” washing of city vehicles.

The AJC detailed Georgia’s different levels of water restrictions a couple days ago. They are as follows…

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Decatur Teens Push For Tobacco-Free Schools

A group of Decatur teens involved in the Camp Fire USA program are pushing City of Decatur Schools to outlaw smoking on school grounds.

According to 11 Alive..

1. Fourteen Georgia districts have adopted the policy. It means signs on school grounds, similar to the drug-free zone signs.

2. The ban includes everybody: all adults, including visitors and those contracted to do work on campus.  In addition, it applies to those who come to football games or other school-sanctioned events.

Some may cringe at a law like this, which regulates an individual’s personal choices.  However, I think a ban of this nature is justified since it involves underage kids and the possibility of secondhand smoke.  I doubt its effectiveness on current smokers to quit (since they can just walk off school grounds to smoke and then come back) but it may be a deterrent for kids that consider taking up the habit.

Dalai Lama Congressional Medal Angers China

In lieu of his Emory visit this weekend, his holiness the Dalai Lama is stopping by Capitol Hill to accept the nation’s highest honor: the Congressional Medal of Honor. As could have been predicted, China is ticked off. China has seen the Dalai Lama as a separatist since he went into exile in 1951 with China’s bloody invasion of Tibet.

A CNN article quotes the Communist Party’s secretary in Tibet saying “He is a person who has tried to split the motherland, who lacks love for his home country,”. Oh China, you sure know how to sweet talk the rest of the civilized world with your nonsensical mandated patriotism. Certainly the Dalai Lama should love the country that destroyed his homeland and makes constant attacks on what’s left of Tibetan culture. That makes complete sense.

China, you may make a lot of money exporting lead to our kids, but your wealth can’t hide the fact that you are still operating under the same harsh, dynastic rules of 2,000 years ago with a Communist facade.

Welcome back to Atlanta Dalai Lama. Click here to view a list of events taking place across the next few days in celebration of the Dalai Lama’s Emory/Atlanta visit.

The Dalai Lama’s public talk will take place downtown at Centennial Olympic Park on Monday Oct. 22nd. Gates open at 1pm, music begins at 3p and his talk takes place at 4:45p. No tickets are required so expect a packed house and get there early!

Don't Delay For Decatur Beer Festival Tix!

The only website (Xorbia) where tickets to the Decatur Beer Festival are sold notes “Tickets are almost sold out, don’t hesitate to purchase your tickets Now!”

Why are you still reading this posting!? Find $30, a ride and click this link!  TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT

AJC Reports on Commission's Oakhurst Decision

The AJC provides a few more details on the Decatur City Commission’s decision to cut off city staff support and funding from the Oakhurst Historic District effort.  Included are a few more quotes from Mayor Bill Floyd.

“Historic districts “are not the devil,” Floyd said. “But not everyone wants them. You want to do it to preserve history — not to keep out infill housing. You want to do it for the right reasons.”

Floyd said there wasn’t money in the budget to cover the cost of surveying Oakhurst homes and notify residents about the process. He also believes the preservation commission, which operates independently of the City Commission, erred when it expanded the district boundaries beyond the original proposal.”

In my own reaction to the commission’s decision, I explain why technically its too early to announce the death of the Oakhurst Historic District nomination.  However, without the political support of the commission this nomination will almost certainly die.

Additionally, expanding the district boundaries may have been a political error, but it wasn’t necessarily a technical one.