Dunkin’ Donuts Withdraws Proposal for Scott Boulevard Location


From the Medlock neighborhood website

The Dunkin’ Donuts’ (DD) special land use permit (SLUP) proposed for 1450 Scott Blvd (old Avon Bldg. site) was withdrawn* at the Board of Commissioners’ session on July 22.

Many were looking forward to a Dunkin’ Donuts but others warned that DD’s concessions, although substantial, did not address key impacts such as additional pollution from idling cars and traffic congestion. Specifically, the drive-through’s peak operation hours would have coincided with rush hour traffic at an already congested two-lane stretch of road.

Photo via Google Maps

Blue Moon Designs on Decatur Square Closing


Blue Moon Designs – housed in the only remaining residential structure on Decatur Square – has hung a couple of signs out front announcing they are closing on Sunday, July 27th.

Looks like there’s a mighty big sale going on.

North DeKalb Mall Sold, “Open-Air Concept” Planned


Interesting.  From the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Lennar Commercial Investors LLC teamed with Sterling Organization to buy North DeKalb Mall for an undisclosed sum.

The development team, which also includes Atlanta-based Hendon Properties, plans to convert the enclosed portion of the property to an open-air concept. Lennar and Sterling acquired ownership interest in the property and Sterling will manage the center. Timing on the redevelopment has not been set.

Satellite view courtesy of Google Maps

SunTrust Building in Downtown Decatur Sells for $7.7 Million

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 3.47.07 PM

From Real Estate BizNow

Essex Point Properties purchased One West Court Square Two, a 13k SF retail center in Downtown Decatur, for $7.7M, or a whopping $589/SF. (Aren’t there supposed to be post holiday sales happening?)

The fully occupied center is leased to SunTrust, Chipotle, Cook’s Warehouse, and Sherlock’s Wine Merchants. (So you can hit up the SunTrust and then have a hell of an afternoon for yourself without ever leaving the parking lot.) Ackerman & Co’s Shea Meddin and Jason Powell (seen here) brokered the sale for the firm, which owned the property.

Photo courtesy of Google Streetview

Community Center of South Decatur Shares Position on Possible Scottish Rite Sale

The Community Center of South Decatur sent in this open letter to DM this morning…

An Open Letter from The Community Center of South Decatur (The Solarium) to the Decatur Community

The news that the former Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital property is up for sale has prompted the board of the Community Center of South Decatur (CCSD) to share our position on the possible change in ownership of this historic property.

Many long-time residents of Oakhurst are familiar with the work that the all-volunteer CCSD board has done to help restore and preserve The Solarium building and grounds, part of the historic Scottish Rite property, as a community gathering place.

As most people in the neighborhood know, the Solarium is frequently rented out for weddings and other special events. What many don’t realize is that the CCSD is a non-profit organization that plows the income raised from those events into the maintenance of this special facility.

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Better Name a District!

Decatur’s big on activity centers (nodes, in case you’d like to join me in geekland). All of our growth plans are rooted in them. Downtown. Oakhurst Village. East Decatur Station. These are the centralized, walkable places that serve (or will serve) as hubs for their surrounding neighborhoods.

However, another important component of city organization is corridors — which serve to connect activity centers — and Decatur’s got a good one: The CSX railroad tracks, from East Lake Marta to the Ice House.

Rail District

The reason I bring it up is because, while we were all focused on other things, this corridor started gelling into, uhhhh, something. Something good. Some pieces that have been around a while, some new, some to come. Consider this:

A significant (albeit “private”) linear park
Infrastructure for peds, bikes, runners, cars, trucks, transit and trains
Ink & Dagger
Lawrence’s Cafe
Ale Yeah!
Revolution Doughnuts
Avellino’s Pizza
The Imperial
Corrina’s Corner
Yoga Central
Candler Park Market
Thinking Man Tavern
Core Fitness
Atlanta’s United Tae Kwon Do
The arts collective businesses around Church / Howard / McDonough
  – Decatur School of Ballet
  – Various music instruction services
  – Color Wheel
Agnes Scott College
Harbour Bar
Trinity Triangle
Trackside Tavern
Kimball House
Las Brasas
Some groovy office rehab of the tire store
Whatever’s going in the Ice House
Some salons and other things I’ve probably missed

Dang! That’s a healthy dose of groovy, and yet this area has no name (that I know of). Which identifies a void that, as I see it, is our responsibility to fill.

The obvious contender seems to be something like “The Rail District” but that might rankle the folks in Avondale, who’ve put a lot of effort into their “Rail Arts District.” So what do you think?

Better name a district!

City of Decatur Real Estate Stats from 2010 to Present

Interesting post over on The Intown Insider blog discussing average home prices in the City of Decatur and the trend over the last couple years.  We’ve gotten some good real estate info about Decatur over the years, but this one takes a slightly different approach.  Thought it might be of interest to the more real estate-inclined among us.  Here’s the question, which inspired the post…

My friend and neighbor Nathan asked an interesting question on the Lenox Place neighborhood Facebook page this week, and this article should serve as a comprehensive answer. He asked: “Does anyone know how to find average house prices in the City of Decatur or if there’s an easy way to do this? I’m trying to track average prices of, at least, 3-2′s and 2-1′s over the past few years.”