Is This the End of the Oakhurst Leaflet?

Decaturish reported yesterday that the Oakhurst Leaflet, which has been published for over a decade, won’t be sent out in December and may cease publication all together.

However, there’s an effort underway to preserve the Leaflet.  Click over to Decaturish to find out more!


High School Students Document “Yogurt Wars” in Downtown Decatur

Bruce sends along this great little production created by some high school students in a Learning Tribe documentary film class.  According to Bruce, the creation of this video was “a fledgling effort in front of and behind the camera for the students.”

Nice work everyone!

Yogurt Wars from Bruce Miller on Vimeo.

Decatur Native Helping Out Those Living in Tunnels Under Las Vegas

There’s a great piece by Bill Banks in the AJC this morning about Decatur native and once-DHS point guard Matt O’Brien, who’s lived in Las Vegas the past 13 years working as writer/journalist and doing good work “Beneath the Neon”.

According to the article, up to 1,000 people are living in the underground flood channels under Las Vegas at any given time.  As Banks states, after O’Brien did a series for the Las Vegas alt-weekly paper eight years ago about this hidden population, it became his “obsession”.  He documented their lives, culminating in a book, “Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas“.  He also started a partnership with a group that assists the homeless to help get these folks out of the tunnels.

Good stuff.

h/t: Next Stop…Decatur

Creative Loafing Mocks Up a “DJC” Newspaper

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Creative Loafing created this mock-up of a “Dunwoody Journal-Constitution” for their current issue, which features a lead article by Scott Henry entitled “‘Burbs or Bust”.

Many in-towners – including myself – have cited the paper’s move to Dunwoody and recent articles with a perceived anti-Atlanta bias to state show that “the AJC isn’t Atlanta’s newspaper anymore”.  In his article, Henry speaks of recent editorial changes at the paper including the facts that “… reporters are now forbidden from using the word “sprawl” and other terms that seem to cast judgment on the suburban way of life. The paper has even appointed a “bias editor” to ferret out even the unwitting inclusion of a turn of phrase that might cause offense to Northside readers.”

It’s a cry of a wounded population, compelled to reference Ralph McGill in moments of nostalgia for the newspapers of old.

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Downtown AJC Building Being Donated to City of Atlanta

How DOES the AJC get all these great scoops?  🙂

The paper reports this morning that Cox Enterprises will be donating its downtown building along Marietta Street and the former printing press building behind it to the City of Atlanta.  The property is estimated at $50 million.

According to the AJC, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed plans to “put police and fire training academies in the buildings, use the auditorium for public meetings, create a gallery space that formerly was at City Hall East, and use warehouse and parking space.”

Not only will this fill a currently vacant building in downtown Atlanta, but it’ll save the city some serious coin as they move departments from leased spaces.

Nice move Cox Communications!

New York Times Will Go Out of Print…Eventually

Dang.  From Mashable

At a recent conference, The New York Times‘ publisher and chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., stated that he eventually expects the “Gray Lady” will no longer be a physical newspaper.

“We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD,” he said to attendees of the International Newsroom Summit.

I mean, this certainly shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to anyone that’s got an ear to the rails of print ad-revenue, but to hear it stated so flatly and definitively by the biggest name in the business is still sorta shocking.  (Even to the guy who’s continuously trying to grow his ONLINE ad revenue.)

One Newspaper at a Time

Here’s a question no one would have asked 10 years ago: where can one purchase a national newspaper in Decatur?

I’ve subscribed to weekend home delivery of the New York Times for the past year or so, but the whole arrangement is beginning to feel like a chore that I pay over $40 a month to take on.  Especially on days when I don’t have time to sit down with that $6 Sunday monster, it just screams “waste of money!” from its place on the coffee table.

I yearn for a much less demanding relationship with my hard-copy.   To simply pick up a bundle of ink at the corner market on days when I have both the time and energy.  But of coarse, Decatur doesn’t really have a corner market.  So, beyond Starbucks, I’m not really sure where else you can pick up a New York Times or a Wall Street Journal or a USA Today.  (Can you even still get all of those at Starbucks?)

Are there other options of which I’m just blindly unaware?