Decatur Vietnam War Pilot's Remains Coming Home

From the AJC...

The remains of an Air Force pilot from Decatur who died during the Vietnam War have been recovered and will be returned to his family for burial 35 years after his death.

Maj. John L. Carroll was flying a mission over Xiangkhoang Province, Laos, on Nov. 7, 1972, when his small observation plane was hit by enemy fire and forced to land, the Department of Defense said Tuesday.

Once on the ground, Carroll, 32, radioed search-and-rescue helicopters that he intended to stay in the aircraft.

Two helicopters attempted a rescue but were turned away by intense enemy fire, the DOD said. Another recovery attempt was also unsuccessful due to enemy fire. That pilot, however, was able to see that Carroll had been fatally wounded, according to the DOD press release.

I bet InDecatur will be able to provide good additional insight into this story…until then…