Truman Tavern On Decatur Square Closes

After opening on Decatur Square next to the Brick Store Pub a little over a year ago, Truman Tavern has announced that it’s closed its doors on Facebook.

We are now permanently closed. Thank you to all of our patrons for showing us so much love.

Sorry to hear. We had a hunch this might be true after we received a note from a reader, who reported that they had”Just walked by Trumans and while there is no sign on the door it looks closed down. The menu is not up on their bulletin board and at 7 pm on a Thursday it is not open.”

Wonder what’s next for the space.

Photo courtesy of Helvetia

FIGO Decatur Closes Its Doors

Been meaning to post for a few days now.  Long time Decatur pasta restaurant Figo has closed.  From Tomorrow’s News Today

FIGO Pasta, the Atlanta-based pasta chain, has closed their location on East College Avenue in Decatur.  Local sources indicate the restaurant quietly closed earlier this week with no advance notice to patrons.  A sign on the restaurant’s door confirms that the restaurant is permanently closed and directs patrons to the company’s location off Moreland Avenue in the Edgewood Retail District.

Photo courtesy of Tomorrow’s News Today

Doggy Dogg Plans To Reopen Next Weekend

Let’s make sure we give some love – and foot traffic! – to the businesses along East Howard Avenue that have been affected by the extensive construction in that area over the past many months!

Vicky writes in to report that Doggy Dogg is planning to reopen next weekend after paving of the street is finally completed…

I ran into James Hammerl, the owner of Doggy Dogg on E. Howard across from Kimball House.  He’s planning on reopening the weekend after Labor Day (he’s still waiting for the paving to be finished at the E. Trinity – E. Howard intersection).  He’s had to close down for many months while the street was closed.  I hope we can show this guy some love and stop by and get a hotdog — he’s a super nice guy and definitely the kind of independent quirky business we want in Decatur.

What’s Your Favorite Taco in Atlanta?

I asked in last week’s FFAF if readers were interested in a return of these “Your Favorite” posts.  The feedback was prettypositive, so let’s get back to it!

Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie.  What’s currently your favorite taco in the Atlanta metro?

Photo of Rreal tacos courtesy of Zagat

Communion Cantina To Become a Special Event Space

From Communion Cantina’s Facebook page

Starting this week, Communion Cantina is a special event venue only. An increased demand for private parties coupled with unpredictable weather frequently caused us to closed to the public this summer, unfortunately. By transitioning to private events, we can maximize use of the space and alleviate disappointing our guests who could not depend on a set schedule. Don’t worry, we still plans on hosting Terminus City BBQ pop-ups here!

Photo courtesy of Communion Facebook page

Big Tex Plans to Reopen Next Monday

Decaturish reported this morning that Big Tex is planning to reopen next Monday, July 24th at 5p.  Part owner Sean Dammann confirmed that news to us.

Big Tex Cantina was previously partially owned by the owners of Fox Bros BBQ, but this relaunch of the restaurant now includes many long time Decaturites, like City Commissioner Scott Drake and Sean and Tammy Dammann.  Other owners include Dan and Beau Nolen, who were previous Big Tex partners, and Robin Vaughan, who will serve as general manager.

Photo courtesy of NickWildHeaven on Instagram

The Brick Store Pub Turns 20

OK.  I’m just going to say a couple of things really quick, so I don’t get too emotional.  🙂

  1. The Brick Store Pub is turning 20 this weekend and holding a big party with 20 custom-made beers to celebrate with their closest 100s of fans.  If you have one of the Golden Tickets, I’ll see you there.
  2. The Brick Store is one of the top “Beer Destinations” IN THE WORLD.  According to Rate Beer, it’s #9 in the world and #1 in the U.S.
  3. The Brick Store’s influence on the beer scene in Georgia is hard to understate.  You can read all about it in this great Atlanta Magazine article in celebration of their 20th year.
  4. The Brick Store has been an integral player in Decatur’s growth over the last two decades and many visitors’ introduction to our city.  (I speak from first-hand experience on this one)

Congratulations BSP!  Here’s to the next 20!