Top Sandwich Shop Headed to Decatur

According to Creative Loafing, the worldly Pangaea is expanding from West Midtown to the east side of Decatur. This top-rated, Best of Citysearch sandwich shop is moving in on Ponce to the east of Sam’s Crossing (2752 E. Ponce de Leon Ave). Check out the menu here.

This is a big jump for Decatur development. Trendy restaurants moving east of DeKalb Industrial? Watch out Pin-Ups! Redevelopment is on the doorstep!

Update:  David over at in Decatur headed over to the site this morning and reported that Pangaea is moving into the old METRO auto repair building/garage.  Renovations are already underway.

Eating in Decatur

Perhaps part of the unspoken reason the city has put so much effort and attention into a Community Transportation Plan, which stresses walking and biking, is its need to counteract the expanding waistband of the city’s residents due to a gluttony of excellent local restaurants.

Make sure to head over to Decatur-DeKalb and check out a wonderfully informative posting on the history of some Decatur restaurants. Also there’s a call for others to post their 10+ year favorite Decatur eateries.

I believe the Brick Store just celebrated its 10th anniversary. It may be getting too popular for its own good, (I was once informed of a 2 hour and 45 minute wait on a Sat. night!) but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to resist stopping in for a pint and a basket of fingers and chips.

Also check out the AJC Dining Guide posting. Regardless of the lack of Decatur restaurants included, I’m sincerely impressed by The Chocolate Bar’s inclusion. That’s a huge accomplishment for a place that just opened 4 months ago! Congrats!

Great Decatur Beer Festival

Get ’em while they’re hot! Tickets are now available for the Great Decatur Beer Festival on Oct 20th from 1p-6p. Only 5,000 are sold (all online) and this event always sells out. Why wouldn’t it? Spending the afternoon tasting 100 beers AND a commemorative glass??

Buy your $30 tickets online here, and I’ll see you on the square in a couple weeks!

UPDATE: Tickets are now sold out!

October Decatur Focus Online

You can now find October’s Focus on the city of Decatur website and presumably in mailboxes soon. If you can’t wait for the hard copy, click here to view the pdf.

Always thinking with my stomach here’s what I found most interesting…

Taqueria del Sol was rated one of the top 3 restaurants in the country by Bon Appetit magazine’s restaurant issue (page 6)

A new restaurant is going in at 254 West Ponce de Leon (the CVS plaza? nope! it’s actually where Viet Chateau used to be) called Cakes & Ales (also page 6). Co-owners Billy Allin and his wife Kristin are Decatur residents.

Non-food related: Electronics Recycling Day is Sat. Oct 27th from 9a-1p. It’s pretty cool that they’ve included Styrofoam on the list of recyclable items. I hate wasting blue garbage bags on the shipping material for large items.