Decatur Wine Festival & Specials

Excellent Poster from the DAA’s Blog

Tickets for this Saturday’s Decatur Wine Festival are still available. Click here to purchase or pick them up at the Decatur Package Store up on Clairemont (according to their sign out front).

In a timely coinsidence, Creative Loafing recently updated its restaurant Wine Specials list (though the Wine Festival is a curious omission). Many Decatur establishments appear…

Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen — Every Thursday from 5-8 p.m., Duck’s serves half-price wines by the glass, along with appetizer and small-plate specials. 111-D New St., Decatur. 404-371-8823.

Java Monkey — Wine tasting every other Thursday on the patio. The next tasting will be Thurs., Nov. 8. Sample featured wines and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. $15. 7-9 p.m. 425 Church St. 404-378-5002.

Palate Wine Bar — Wine tasting every other Thursday from 6-8 p.m. Sample featured wines paired with light appetizers. $10. Every Monday, enjoy half-price bottles of wine. 321 W. Hill St., Decatur. 404-373-4702.

Wahoo! A Decatur Grill — Wine tasting every Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. Taste four featured wines and a complimentary cheese plate for $15. Wednesday nights enjoy half-price bottles from the regular wine list and 25 percent off reserve wines at the bar. 1042 W. College Ave., Decatur. 404-373-3331.

Did you know? Speaking of wine, did you know that “The Grape” was originally supposed to open a location where Dancing Goats coffee now resides at 419 West Ponce? Not sure why plans fell through, but I’m happy with the outcome. I’ve never been a big fan of the pretentious Grape in any of its Metro Atlanta incarnations. Anyway, it’s much easier on the wallet to be a coffee snob.

Voila Gets Picked

Powdery Beignets Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Cuisine

Over at, Tom wonders why it’s taken him so long to try Voila and makes it his most recent “Tom’s Pick of the Week“.

Tom’s Recommended Dishes: beignets, shrimp po-boy, gumbo, french onion soup

Hattip: Omnivore Atlanta

"Love at the Pub" Brick Store Pub Book Released Next Month

Photo courtesy of “Love at the Pub”

While sitting on the curb of Decatur square yesterday, stuffing my face with a brat and chips from the Decatur High School Boosters food booth, my wife and I were approached by author and former Brick Store staff, Mary Jane Mahan (shown above), who informed us that she was writing a book about the Brick Store Pub (called “Love at the Pub”) that is going to be released next month.  She gave us each a business card with information and a website and told us that we were both invited to the release party.  The site doesn’t yet specify a specific day of release, but as soon as I find out a date and time, I’ll post them here.

If you have a story to tell about the Brick Store Pub or just love to hang out there, you definitely want to check out the book’s website.  There you can take a general survey about your Brick Store experiences or email the author to share a special story and get on the release party mailing list.

Story hotline & info: 800-867-7250

Email: [email protected]

Decatur Beer Festival Recap

Though it got a bit hot standing in line at the Sweetwater truck (above), the weather was clear and beautiful for Decatur’s Annual Beer Festival. The overwhelming number of beer choices were enjoyed by all. I recall a delicious Highland Black Mocha Stout and Dogfish Head Raison d’Etre. I’m sure there were other favorites, but at the moment my memory is a bit fuzzy.

People watching is at its best at an event like this, especially when you give people alcohol AND stickers. Take a look at the 15 or so pics from the event while I try to remove the stickers from my own shirt.

Surviving the Decatur Beer Festival

For the 5,000 lucky folks who were quick enough to get tickets to tomorrow’s Decatur Beer Festival, click here to print out a list of the beers you’ll be imbibing and a map of where to get them. Then go over to Creative Loafing’s Beer Club and print out Jeff Holland’s plan of attack for the festival. Jeff has some good recommendations of limited release beers that are hard to find around Atlanta. Now, go have all of these pages laminated and then attach them to your body somehow.

Now that tickets are sold out, someone is offering $75 on Craigslist for two tickets to the festival.

In other beer related news, a New Zealand brewery is offering beer-for-life (one 12 pack a month) for information on a stolen laptop.

"In Decatur" Restaurant Rumblings

As noted by In Decatur, the AJC features not a review, but something that reads more like a press release, of Decatur’s new salad bar joint, Tossed. (I definitely saw this write up a couple days ago online, so to see an Oct. 18th publication date on it stumped me for a moment, but I guess that may be when it finally went into the print edition.)

In Decatur also points out a small feature about Bada Bing! in an AJC Jon Waterhouse Neighborhood Dining wrap up about upscale tailgating (oxymoron?).

335 West Ponce – Photo Courtesy of City of Decatur

And for any and all Decatur development junkies, a small update on In Decatur’s eulogy to Tropical Smoothie Cafe (sniff…we hardly new your mango/kiwi smoothies and salad wraps) – there doesn’t seem to be an immediate renter of the vacated space in the 335 W. Ponce De Leon condo building, since they’ve recently hung a “For Lease” sign in the window.

Former Dogwood Brewer Hard at Work @ Twains

So here’s something that I wasn’t aware of. An Access Atlanta blurb about Twain’s brewpub points out that the man in charge of the barrels at the corner of Church and Trinity is none other than the former head brewer of Dogwood Brewery, Jordan Fleetwood.

As one that sincerely misses picking up six bottles of Dogwood at the Farmer’s Market or Decatur Package Store, I was quite intrigued by this bit of information. I haven’t been to Twain’s since they renovated and installed the brewery, but this point may motivate me to brave that intersection again.

Go to Twains’ website to view Jordan’s latest hoppy creations.

HatTip: In Decatur

The real Sam Clemens once quipped, “Scotch whisky … I always take it at night as a preventive of toothache. I have never had the toothache; and what is more, I never intend to have it.” Sounds like he’d have been at home amongst the Brick Store’s extensive scotch list.