Three Taverns’ New Irish Stout Honors “The Pied Piper of Decatur”

Apparently the folks at Three Taverns know I’m a sucker for a good Decatur history lesson.

If you’re wondering where the name for Three Tavern’s new Irish Stout comes from, here you go!  Courtesy of Three Tavern’s Brian Purcell…

On St. Patrick’s Day in 1895, when the streets still ran on all four sides of the Decatur square, a young man named Maury Mable first marched through downtown Decatur to honor his ancestral homeland. For fifty years, dressed in top hat and tails and carrying a cane, Maury marched, alone or accompanied by anyone who wished to join in. His parade drew crowds to watch him strut through the downtown streets, often followed by the Decatur high band.

This Saturday the 17th, , 2018 on St. Patrick’s Day at 11am, Three Taverns Brewery will honor the memory of Ol’ Maury. We will gather on Hillyer Place opposite Fellini’s, and march through the streets of Decatur to the Brick Store Pub where we’ll raise a pint of Maury Mable’s Irish Stout and toast his memory. Leading this ragamuffin group, which includes a piper and anyone who cares to join in, will be the Brick Store’s Irish Mike Gallagher with top hat and cane in the tradition of Maury Mable himself.

Maury Mable’s Irish Stout will be pouring at the Brick Store Pub, The Marlay House, Mac McGees and Leons, so come out and join our march and raise a glass to “The Pied Piper of Decatur”.

More HERE.

Brick Store Owners New Brewpub “Good Word Brewing” Now Open in Duluth

I gotta admit, I’m more than a little jealous of this news out of Duluth.  From the AJC

A long-awaited brewpub from the team behind Decatur’s popular Brick Store Pub opened its doors in Duluth this week.

…The spot’s current beers include selections such as the Donna Maria, a dry saison named after Di Matteo and partner Ryan Skinner’s grandmothers, Never Sleep, an IPA, and Bridges, a sour with apricot and mango flavors. The beverage offerings also include beers from several other local breweries as well as cocktails and wines.

 On the food side, look for shared plates including citrus guacamole, Izzy’s Puerto Rican fried chicken and pork candy, made with pork belly, gujillo, queso fresco, baby kale, sea salt and peptia lime butter, as well as desserts such as banana pudding and Key lime pie.
Gonna have to make a trip up I-85 soon.

Zagat: Oak Brewpub and Smoke & Duck Sauce Among “Best New Restaurants in Atlanta”

It just opened a few weeks ago – and they aren’t even serving their own beers yet! –  but Oak Brewpub in Oakhurst is already garnering attention.  Zagat recently dubbed it one of the “Best New Restaurants in Atlanta”.  Here’s their blurb…

Decatur’s Oakhurst neighborhood now has a central brewpub of its own, with a handsome interior decked out in muted grays and neutrals illuminated by large windows, while the kitchen turns out modern American pub fare to complement the variety of traditional beer styles crafted in the onsite brewery.

Smoke & Duck Sauce in Suburban Plaza also made the list.  Zagat says…

With a split focus on both Southern American and East Asian traditions, this local mini-chain of barbecue restaurants finds common culinary ground with slow-smoked meats, savory sides and flavorful sauces, all in a casual counter-serve setting.

Photo courtesy of Oak Brewpub’s Facebook page

Check Out Decatur’s New Brewpub: Oak Brewpub in Oakhurst

Oak Brewpub is now open at 630 East Lake Drive in the former Mulligan’s space in the Family Dollar strip in Oakhurst.

Decaturish reports that while the pub’s own brews aren’t available yet, they’re serving a craft beer and cocktail selection and is currently open Tuesday thru Saturday from 4p-10p.

Oak was called one of the most anticipated Atlanta breweries in a Jan ’16  Atlanta Magazine article.

Photo courtesy of Scott

Twain’s Welcomes New Head Brewer


As Atlanta Magazine reported late last month, Twain’s former brewer – Chase Medlin – is opening his own brewery – Locomotion – in Chamblee early next year.  As such, Twain’s – which has been a jumping off point for many of Georgia’s greatest brewers – needed a new head brewer.  Enter Mike Castagno.  Twain’s sends along this note…

There is a changing of the guard at Twain’s Brewpub! After six years of delicious beer and hard work, we offer our sincerest thanks to Chase Medlin for his dedication to Twain’s. We are confident that Locomotion will be making some killer beers in the future.  

Chase’s skills will be an excellent addition to production brewing in Georgia and we are proud to have played a part, and knowing we will share many more good times. As for our next Head Brewer, Twain’s is delighted to announce that Mike Castagno has agreed to join the Twain’s family.  

Mike will bring his vast knowledge of beer making and beer styles to craft a new lineup of ales, lagers and perhaps the occasion wild beer.  Mike joins the Twain’s team with over 11 years of award winning homebrewing under his belt, he is certified as a BJCP Master Beer Judge and professional taste evaluator and occasional beer writer.  Mike’s background in beer and his knowledge from being a commercial R&D Chemist writes an exciting introduction to the next chapter of Twain’s Brewpub’s brewery.  We can’t wait to sip his creations and share Mike’s passion for beer with Georgia’s beer loving community.


Three Taverns Releases 3-Day Session IPA for Decatur Arts Festival


This year’s Decatur Arts Festival has quite a varied and interesting lineup this year!  If you haven’t spent anytime checking out the weekend’s offerings yet – and were just going to wing it (aka wander the artist’s market aimlessly) – you should definitely do some research HERE.

Here’s one such interesting twist on the longest-running of all current Decatur festivals – it’s own beer!

Decatur’s Three Taverns Brewery has brewed a session IPA called “3 Day IPA” for this year’s event.  As Nathan at Three Taverns noted to me in an email ” This is the first time a beer has been brewed specifically for a (non beer-related) Decatur festival. It’s something we’re very excited about.”

I actually snagged a growler of 3-Day over the weekend at Ale Yeah! and I will tell you that it’s a very solid offering.  It’s light and flavorful.  I’d describe it as displaying sweet, biscuity malts, semi-dankish hops and a dry finish.  But I’m just an amateur beer connoisseur with a limited beer-cabulary, so I’m likely doing a terrible job of describing it.

Either way, I’d definitely recommend purchasing a pint when you’re up on the Square this weekend.  And if IPAs are your game, don’t fear.  The other beer sponsors at this years event are Creature Comforts and Burnt Hickory, so you’ll likely be awash in a spectrum of solid beer opinions.


Georgia Brewpubs Now Offering Growlers; is Twain’s Next?


You may not have heard about this yet, because there weren’t any legislative fistacuffs on the Georgia Senate floor  or a vocal protest outside on the Capitol steps.

Like most things with the alcohol laws in Georgia lately, massive swings in offerings at your favorite local breweries aren’t done with dramatic flare.  They are determined by the Department of Revenue’s interpretation of things.

Well, guess what?

The DOR recently decided that existing law actually does allow for the sale of to-go growlers by brewpubs and that they would defer to local governments to make the ultimate decision.  This all according to CL.

Isn’t that neat?

Savannah and Alpharetta have already beat Decatur to the punch and passed ordinances (or just said, “sure go ahead”) to allow the sale the growlers.  But could Decatur be next?

I followed up with Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne who tells me that based on our inquiry, the City Attorney is now looking into determining “what amendments would be needed to allow Twain’s to sell Growlers.   If a change is required we will work with our attorney and the owners of Twain’s to prepare amendments for City Commission consideration.”


Man, this sure reminds me of 2011, when we helped get the ball rolling on growler sales in Decatur.  Remember that?  Yeah, I didn’t either but apparently that was something we did!

FMFats’ dream of takeaway growlers from Twain’s may finally come true.  It only took an extra 5 years.

Photo courtesy of Next Stop…Decatur