Detail Your Drunken Love of the Decatur Beer Festival

Yeah, unfortunately no firsthand reports by me this year, but you all are more than welcome to write up your own post-fest comments and give us colorful, intoxicated recaps.

My sober thanks in advance to all.

Willing to Pay $80 For a Decatur Beer Festival Ticket? You’re Not Alone.

I realize I did a post like this last year too, but I still find it rather incredible that every year people end up paying more than double the face value of a Decatur Beer Festival ticket to spend an afternoon on the Square with thousands of others, throwing back half-full tasting glasses of various craft brews.

I mean, I love this fest as much as the next person, but the going rate on eBay and Craigslist is around $80 a ticket!  That’s some serious drinking money!

What is it about this festival that makes people sell first-borns to get through the gate?  It can’t just be getting drunk…because anyone can easily get drunk with $80.  Is it the drunken comradery?  The choice selection?  The brewery stickers in inappropriate places?

Decatur Craft Beer Festival Beer List

The city’s Cheryl Burnette noted during this evening’s city commission meeting that the list of beers for this year’s craft beer festival is already available on the festival’s website.

And so it is.