It’s Time: Announcing the Oakhurst Porchfest 2016 Schedule

Last year’s Oakhurst Porchfest showcased 134 unique performances and we called it “a doozy.” Not sure what word’s appropriate now.

Presenting the line up for 2016 — 185 (!) performances on an equal number of porches, spread across a full six hours.


Like last year, we’ll have old-skool printed programs (available soon so stay tuned) matched with a Google Map showing porches, performers, times, food, and performer descriptions. Build your performance wish list on your computer or fire it up on your phone as you walk around and experience other stuff along the way. Here’s all you need to do:

On a Desktop

Your browser window will show both the menu and the map. Notice how the menu is broken up by category layers — times and logistics — that you can turn on or off. Working directly with the map, you can zoom in and see all artists for any particular street or area, color coded to reflect the time they’re playing. Click any performer and you’ll get specific details in the menu. Or, using the menu, click the drop-down arrow under each time slot and you’ll get the full list of performers. Clicking any particular one shows you their location on the map and gives you their details.

On Your Phone

Access the link using your phone’s browser. When the map appears, you’ll notice a white bar at the bottom labeled “Oakhurst Porchfest 2016.” Tap that bar and you get the menu. From there, it works pretty much just like on the desktop.

It’s that simple. So go check it out yourself now at and start planning your afternoon.

Further information and logistics are still coming together but as they do we’ll be releasing them here and on our website. Or, check our FAQ for all the basics.

See you October 8!

Porchfest Monday: Band Registration Closes at 180; 12 Porches Still Needed

That’s a wrap, folks. Sort of. Band registration for the Oakhurst Porchfest is now closed, making for 180 — 180! — performances to be scheduled for our big day, October 8.

But therein lies the rub. Because as of this morning, we’re still 12 porches short. So porch host registration will remain open until we fill the gap.

Can the DM Nation (Oakhurst branch) help us do it?

Here’s the pitch: Porch hosts are assigned just one, one-hour performance. The festival overall runs six hours this year, leaving every host a remaining five hours to still get out and enjoy the day — bands, neighbors, whatever! It’s literally a way to give without actually giving anything up!

Won’t you please help? Join all the awesome porches below in hosting. Do it today!

Map 08-22-16


Oakhurst Porchfest Poster Unveiled

We’ve been working on this for a while now and couldn’t be more thrilled to finally spread the word.

In the same spirit of generosity that powers our hundreds of musicians and porch hosts, Methane Studios, known nationally for their hand-illustrated, screen-printed gig posters for the likes of Dave Matthews, Morrissey, Shovels and Rope, Neko Case, Jack White, Wilco, Greg Allman, Rufus Wainwright, the Hold Steady, Lorde, the Black Crowes, and lots more have donated the design for this year’s Oakhurst Porchfest poster. And it is spectacular.

Check it out:

OAKHURST 11 X 17 Poster WEB

In addition to the 11” x 17” print outs you’ll start seeing around town over the next week or two, we’ll soon be doing a limited run of 18” x 24” screen printed collector’s prints as well. Those prints will be available (cheap!) around the time of the event through the Decatur Arts Alliance. Any proceeds will go towards our limited expenses for next year’s Porchfest.

A hearty thanks to Robert Lee and the crew at Methane. Give ‘em a shout the next time you see them at one of Atlanta’s many festivals or pick up some of their stuff right here in town at Homegrown and Sq/Ft.

Replacement Bands Needed for Porchfest

oakhurst porchfest

Hey there, bands and musicians. Did you have every intention of signing up for Porchfest but then you forgot? Or maybe you found out about it after registration closed. Either way, looks like we’ve got a tiny little opportunity for you to rectify that.

Due to cancellations, we’ve currently got one 2-3pm spot and one 3-4pm spot available for our Sunday, October 18th event. If you want one, send the following to oakhurstporchfest[at] as soon as possible:

Band or Performer Name
Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Phone
Short description of your sound, style or basic vibe

The spots will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Any submissions received after that will go on a wait-list in case we have any further cancellations.

Monday Funday: Parody Ads Tellin’ It Like It Is

It seems increasingly common that talk of Decatur comes to include the phrase, “Victim of its own success.” And it’s true. Our years of vision and hard work are absolutely paying off, with all the challenges such transformation entails.

For better or for worse, we’re on the map.

So that got me thinking: What if the city ran a series of ads that played up some of our most desirable qualities, but in a way that made them seem a little less desirable?

Could we, with a healthy dose of painful honesty, maybe turn the heat down a bit?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Decatur and see the Town Center Plan and subsequent Strategic Plans as visionary models for collaborative community building. But, dang! I don’t want us to flame out. Be a flash in the pan. For everyone’s sake, our renaissance needs to be long-term proposition.

So, submitted for your approval are three parody ads (two fall after the jump) addressing a handful of our most discussed and presumably admired qualities: our restaurant scene; our schools; and our sense of community.

Maybe they can help slow things down a bit to a more manageable pace of change. What do you think? Take a gander (click each ad for a larger view), then put on your Don Draper hat and submit some parodies of your own. We’ll even mock up the funniest, most affectionate ones if they’re fleshed out with headline and text.

Decatur Fake Ads-1

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Eye on the Street


Milling the bejeez out of West College Avenue. But don’t get too excited about the historic curbs reemerging, all you hapless pedestrians and school walkers. They only mill down the layer of asphalt that they’re going to replace.


Better Name a District!

Decatur’s big on activity centers (nodes, in case you’d like to join me in geekland). All of our growth plans are rooted in them. Downtown. Oakhurst Village. East Decatur Station. These are the centralized, walkable places that serve (or will serve) as hubs for their surrounding neighborhoods.

However, another important component of city organization is corridors — which serve to connect activity centers — and Decatur’s got a good one: The CSX railroad tracks, from East Lake Marta to the Ice House.

Rail District

The reason I bring it up is because, while we were all focused on other things, this corridor started gelling into, uhhhh, something. Something good. Some pieces that have been around a while, some new, some to come. Consider this:

A significant (albeit “private”) linear park
Infrastructure for peds, bikes, runners, cars, trucks, transit and trains
Ink & Dagger
Lawrence’s Cafe
Ale Yeah!
Revolution Doughnuts
Avellino’s Pizza
The Imperial
Corrina’s Corner
Yoga Central
Candler Park Market
Thinking Man Tavern
Core Fitness
Atlanta’s United Tae Kwon Do
The arts collective businesses around Church / Howard / McDonough
  – Decatur School of Ballet
  – Various music instruction services
  – Color Wheel
Agnes Scott College
Harbour Bar
Trinity Triangle
Trackside Tavern
Kimball House
Las Brasas
Some groovy office rehab of the tire store
Whatever’s going in the Ice House
Some salons and other things I’ve probably missed

Dang! That’s a healthy dose of groovy, and yet this area has no name (that I know of). Which identifies a void that, as I see it, is our responsibility to fill.

The obvious contender seems to be something like “The Rail District” but that might rankle the folks in Avondale, who’ve put a lot of effort into their “Rail Arts District.” So what do you think?

Better name a district!