It’s Literally Wednesday

From Dave at Little Shop of Stories, this is the first in a weekly post on literary matters, some serious and some, e.g. today, less so.

It’s Poetry Time

April is National Poetry Month.  That’s the time for college educated snobs to break out their sonnets and free verse and haiku and what have you.  But for a few days every year — right around St. Patrick’s Day — limericks take center stage.

There are a few rules that have evolved, but even these aren’t set in stone.  Five lines: the first, second, and fifth rhyme with about 7-12 syllables each, while the third and fourth rhyme and have about 5-7 syllables.  Rhythm is everything.  So is fun.

Submit your original limerick.  Keep them local.  Keep them clean.

Here’s two:

There once was a man from Decatur
Who blogged that no city was greater
“The schools are superb
“Better beer has no burg
“I can walk to both early and later”

DM once gave me permission
That put him in an awkward position
I wrote two limericks
With my very best schtick
Now he moderates all my submissions