Taziki’s in Downtown Decatur Closes

After 3 years in business, Taziki’s in the Place on Ponce building along West Ponce has closed it’s doors.  Dave and Billy sent along this photo of a note taped to the door, thanking the community.

4 thoughts on “Taziki’s in Downtown Decatur Closes”

  1. not surprised by this at all. food and service were great every time we went but closing at 9:00 made it not a great Fri/Sat option and I’m not sure but did they pair with any of the local delivery options?

    1. I don’t think Decatur is an unfriendly locale – it’s a highly competitive one. Moreover, I think it is becoming more of a place for “destination dining” for people seeking something unique. I liked Tazikis, but it was more of a convenient, fast-casual concept that never won out when we were thinking about where to walk in Decatur. Maybe they would have done better with closing at 10 (9PM closing was awkward) and home delivery. We definitely eat late and at home more these days.

      1. “about where to walk in Decatur” Comments elsewhere indicate they thought the lack of parking was an issue. Some research might have indicated that parking would have been a little challenging to begin with and if they were expecting lots of customers who would be driving, they were in the wrong place.
        Tomorrow’s News Today mentioned that some of their other 5 or 6 locations were not doing as well as expected, so perhaps there is a more basic problem with business management or concept implementation.

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