At Home: 70 Months of Rising Prices, A Decatur Lustron Prefab & A 7.3 Million Home Shortage

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Image via Airbnb.

2 thoughts on “At Home: 70 Months of Rising Prices, A Decatur Lustron Prefab & A 7.3 Million Home Shortage”

  1. Thanks Michelle.
    Cool Lustron Home! Not sure where ATL Mag house is but in the Adair/Melrose/Drexel neighborhood, there is something similar. I admired the house when visiting an old friend over the years. I thought it was a Sears prefab aluminum home but maybe not.
    These unique old Decatur homes are great but may not survive the current “I’VE GOT TO LIVE IN THE CITY OF DECATUR BUT ONLY IF IT’S A FIVE BEDROOM/FOUR BATH SHOW HOME craze. Wishing the newbees would see more value in buying something small and nice in a unique city and maybe finding Confederate gold in the crawlspace. Now that would be a good selling point!
    Agent: “This is a nice two bedroom, one bathroom bungalow on an old dirt road with a lot of charm. The owner told me that Confederate ghosts regularly appeared late at night talking about hidden tunnels leading to treasure chambers. Of course, that’s not part of the seller’s agreement.”

    1. IMHO, the bigger the house, the more to maintain and the more to deteriorate. Multiple high ceilings mean multiple corners with cobwebs; many rooms means many more fingermarks; multiple bathrooms means multiple drains to keep clear of hair and multiple showers to get moldy. Cleaning services do certain routine chores but not the detailed jobs. You can hire lots of different services to make up the difference but finding them, getting estimates, letting them in, and overseeing them is a lot of work. Certain items seem worth the money–a nice porch, good floors, pantries, updated kitchens, one small bedroom per child, maybe a lap pool, e.g.–but big for big’s sake seems unimaginative and counterproductive.

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