Decatur To Unveil First Draft Plans For Children’s Home Property

A big moment for Decatur’s big property with big potential is here.

The city has announced over on the Decatur Next website that they’ll be unveiling the first draft for the United Methodist Children’s Home 77-acre property next Monday, April 30th from 6p-8p in the Ebster Rec Center gym.

The draft comes after two months of kickoffs, civic dinners and workshops.

The post also notes that over $40 mil has already been spent on the site in recent months so cost in the near-term is a very important consideration.  As such, the site notes “…the most viable strategies will be dependent on the strength of partnerships we’re able to forge — local authorities and institutions, nonprofit organizations, developers, community foundations, or others able to bring both financial and operational resources to the table.”

Should be very interesting to see what the community has come up with!

One thought on “Decatur To Unveil First Draft Plans For Children’s Home Property”

  1. I wasn’t able to attend, but saw some of the concepts on Decaturish.

    For those that attended, what was the nature of the conversation?

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