Free-For-All Friday 4/13/18

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

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  1. Forgive me if this question has been answered before, but I’m too lazy to search.

    What are the little 4″x4″, approx 3′ high concrete obelisks around town? There’s a bunch near me, and the only marking is a “V.”



  2. I have an approximately 40 foot tall sweet gumball tree that is causing me and my neighbors problems. It’s well over 30 years old. I live in a townhouse community and it probably won’t be super easy to remove. Does anybody have any similar trees removed? I’d like to know my approximate cost. Thanks for any input.

    1. What kinds of problems? Stepping on gum balls? Roots messing up walls and sidewalks? Limbs falling on the roof? Wait – is there anything good about a gum ball tree?

      1. Right? Gumballs galore on my deck, lots of them in both neighbors and my gutters! I have a small wooden deck kind of platform. It’s getting bowed. The wooden fence between me and neighbor leaning. Roots have to be under townhouses. Just really want it gone but have zero idea how much the removal wood cost!

        1. Don’t know if this will help, but I just paid $1000 to trim 6 Bradford pears & a huge water Oak about 40 feet up. I was very particular about liability & Workman’s Comp insurance. Boutte tree company

          1. I’ve used Boutte – very professional. Chose them from 3 quotes. Was 3 years ago, so don’t have pricing.

  3. North American Tree is good. Odd Job The Tree Man is good. Lots of good ones. Just invite 3 or 4 tree companies out for estimates.

  4. Ethical dilemma: I’ve been thinking about whether to boycott Ace Hardware regarding their support of a certain Fox News host.

    Position A: Don’t boycott the local Intown Ace due to the positive impact that they have on the community (local jobs, donations to local causes, etc.) This is a corporate issue and the local folks had nothing to do with the decision.

    Position B: Boycott the store. While the local store had no input on the decision, there is a small percentage of my purchase that will go to the corporate headquarters. If enough store owners complain, corporate might get the message and change their support.

    I look forward to your input.

    1. How about Position C: don’t boycott Intown Ace because they are the bomb and already facing competition from Walmart and I need them because they are the best, most helpful store ever, plus all you said above. Meanwhile, Corporate HQ may not even notice your boycott, or worse, may interpret loss of sales at Intown Ace to local performance issues rather than to HQ’s Fox News support. Instead, write angry letters to Ace Hardware Corporate Headquarters threatening to boycott all Ace Hardware stores worldwide, giving your specific reasons, and vowing to use Facebook, Twitter, email, and local blogs as a way to spread your grievance against them to millions.

    2. I been thinking about this, too. My solution: I keep shopping at Intown Ace because it’s the best store evar. Then I tell @Acehardware that I’m boycotting them for resuming advertising with the racist show.

      1. How can you say that you’re boycotting if you still shop there? The money will still flow to corporate.

        1. They are essentially franchise operations. They do buy products though a cooperative, but they are not corporate stores in the sense of something like Home Depot.

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