Second Hot Dog Vendor Finds a Home in Decatur

The Pup Truck posted on Facebook late last month that they have signed a lease to open their first brick and mortar location on West College Avenue in the former Arepa Mia space.

They say they plan to open sometime in May.

Since Doggy Dog sits right across the tracks from the new Pup Truck location, should we start calling that strip “Hot Dog Alley”?

Photo courtesy of The Pup Truck’s Facebook page

10 thoughts on “Second Hot Dog Vendor Finds a Home in Decatur”

  1. I got a girl she lives cross town
    She’s the one that really gets down
    When she boogie
    She do the tube snake boogie

    “Tube Snake Boogie”

    -ZZ Top

    1. Whether it’s East or West College Ave. is dependent upon in which hot dog shop you are seated and on which side of the bun you you face as you take your first dog-bite.

  2. Their PBJ hot dog is amazing (not peanut butter and jelly, but pickled onions, bacon jam, and pimento cheese) Mmm mmm good!!!

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