Photos: Inside the New Decatur Market!

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the DM crew doing touring a grocery store?”, you obviously aren’t aware of my well-documented, local grocery store/market/food co-op obsession.

The new Decatur Market has been open since early February along East Howard Avenue and we’ve been wondering “what do they offer?”  It turns out, quite a bit.  So we dropped by a few days ago, took a look around, had a sandwich (which was quite delicious – lovers of the old 5th Earl take note), and snapped a few photos to give you a sense of the selection.

Definitely check it out for lunch, to pick up beer & wine, breakfast, or last minute items – everything from Heinz Ketchup to fancy cheeses and East Pole coffee!


10 thoughts on “Photos: Inside the New Decatur Market!”

  1. Just visited for the first time. Glad to have a shop like this in the neighborhood — especially with parking!

  2. I poked my head in. Its no Oakhurst Market, which while expensive is a foodies delight with great options for dinner for the family when I’m willing to spend a little more. Decatur Market seemed to completely overlook food. Lots of beer and wine. The sandwiches looked nice. But more of a fancy bodega than a real place to pick up some food to cook. Too bad, because its walkable for me, but I will be getting in my car and driving to Oakhurst.

    1. I’m wondering if it is really just a beer store and they keep some salad dressing on hand so that it’s not just a beer store. I am personally happy to have another beer store.

  3. Just stopped by and picked up a pimento cheese sandwich. Delicious. Great wine and beer selection.

  4. Their sandwiches are good. But it would be nice to get a pickle spear or a little pinch of chips for what I’m paying.

  5. This is a place I really want to like. But when 80% or more of it is beer, I’m afraid the food portion is going to suffer. Frankly, this is Decatur, we don’t really need yet another place to buy beer. If they had more food items I would definitely show up there more often. I did buy some half and half there the other week. Didn’t notice that they expiration date was the next day (which shouldn’t matter since most dairy products last longer than their expiration) but when I opened it it was spoiled. I’ll still go back, but I don’t get a great feeling that they’re going to last long.

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