Free-For-All Friday 3/23/18

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

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      1. It has taken over the Little Ceasar pizza spot. Same shopping center as Rainbow natural foods.

  1. Does anyone have advice on growing grass from seed versus laying sod? For seed, any advice on prep, process, timing and seed type would be appreciated. For sod, any grass type, upkeep suggestions and company recommendations would be great. The area ranges from full sun to partial shade. Thanks!

    1. The always excellent Walter Reeves (the Georgia Gardener) has an excellent set of articles for all things grass-related (and general plant-related), applicable specifically to Georgia, which is important. I have some key advice on grass types summarized at top and key links from his site below:

      There are two main categories of grass: Summer and Winter. Main summer types here are Bermuda and Zoysia. Main winter type is Fescue. The key differential features are that the summer types will go dormant in the winter (Nov – April) and do really well in the Georgia summer heat. The winter type stays green all year long, but doesn’t do well in the hottest summer months (July – Sept) and can often get large dead patches. Probably 80% of Georgia lawns are Bermuda or Zoysia. If you have a shady spot, you may opt for Fescue, but it will likely still suffer the dead patch issue and need to be re-seeded every year.

      Summer types should be planted as sod; they are very hard to grow from seed and take forever to grow from seed. Fescue can be grown from seed pretty easily. Fescue seed is widely available – I recommend the Pike Nurseries’ Georgia blend. Only plant Fescue seed in the fall, that way it can get established before the hot summer. Grass sod is a bit harder to find; Home Depot on Lawrenceville highway does tend to carry bermudagrass in the summer but if you go the sod route, I recommend working with a local landscaping co to obtain it since you usually have to do a bulk purchase of a pallet. I really like Zoysia but it is much more expensive than Bermudagrass – it looks much better in my opinion however. If it were me, I would go with Zoysia – there are types that can tolerate shading spots too.

      Key Walter Reeves links below:
      1. Fescue seeding/planting overview:
      2. Zoysia grass overview:
      3. Bermuda grass overview:

      Walter’s grass care calendars and FAQs for each of these three grass types:

  2. From Former Decatur High Athletics Director Carter Wilson gets inducted into the Georgia Athletics Directors Association Hall of Fame at the state ADs conference in Savannah March 25.
    Congratulations, Coach!

    1. Thanks PM. Many in Decatur today only know Coach Wilson as an award winning A.D. but he had a stellar career as a player (state championship DHS 1970), DHS assistant coach (top five in nation 1982, DHS and THS head coach Elite Eight and (maybe) Final Four (Mid and Late Eighties), successful college head coach (Georgia State) AND high school teacher before returning to DHS as the athletic director. And it’s not just Coach Wilson but ALL the Wilson’s An amazing success story of a Decatur family against all odds.
      Congratulations to Coach Wilson, Dr. Munson and the Wilson Family.

  3. Sat March 24, March for Our Lives: Gun Violence downtown ATL near CNN center, Aquarium:
    The march will begin at the Center for Civil and Human Rights at approximately 11 am and proceed through downtown to the Capitol and Liberty Plaza. Several people including myself will be registering voters in the vicinity of Liberty Plaza. Gun violence is a national health crisis that needs more voices and participation by Georgians.

    Lindsay H.

    Five Points MARTA to Aquarium nearby

    Georgia Alliance for Social Justice

    Look at the Saturday forecast!!! It’s going to be PERFECT! RSVP ‘Going’!!

  4. “Transportation professionals need to consider competent on-road cyclists who prefer to ride in the traffic (& bike) lane, these road users, as they plan, design,and manage street networks.

    [T]he need for knowledgeable cyclists to have the option to be treated as vehicle operators, referred to here as “vehicular cyclists”, having a shared curb lane appropriately signed [so] that the vehicular cyclist can control the lane (command the curb), while offering separate mixed use facilities, with the alternate a parallel road signed for a vehicular cyclist.

    The preoccupation of transportation engineers and planners with separate bicycle facilities [alone] can directly prejudice cyclists’ preferences [& available choices, limiting safety], and… remedies [are needed].

    It is important that “Routine Accommodation” be included, the original concept predating Complete Streets.” The lack of which, in much of the recent infrastructure design, has increased the dangers for “vehicular cyclists”, bicyclists who use the roads as vehicle operators, as well as others in increasing conflict in less space.

    A stronger push needs to be made to update laws to help increase bicyclists’ safety, the Idaho Stop/Delaware Yield being a major one, as well as bicyclists’ safety not being impinged by other design considerations, some of which have caused unsafe behaviour by pedestrians, endangering all.

    The design parameters of road infrastructure of present needs to be revisited & revised so that the safety of all is included.

    Robert Rands
    SoPo Bicycle Coöperative

    With quote from January 2018 ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Journal article: “Routine Accommodation for Vehicular Cyclists as part of Complete Streets”

  5. This new version of Decatur Metro seems to crash my iPad browser repeatedly every time I try to see it. Any idea why?

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