Downtown Decatur and Oakhurst Each Getting an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Decatur is planning on installing two electric charging stations -one in Downtown Decatur on North McDonough (see above) and one on Mead Rd adjacent to Harmony Park – in the next few weeks.

The city will dedicate two parking spots in both locations to electric vehicles.

A note from Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne notes that the electric charging stations will be free to use for the first year, while the city evaluates usage.  Though you’ll still have to pay to park AND there’s still a two hour limit on using the spot.

h/t: Decaturish

6 thoughts on “Downtown Decatur and Oakhurst Each Getting an Electric Vehicle Charging Station”

  1. Why is the public paying for other people’s “gas”?

    A quarter of Georgia’s electricity comes from coal. While Georgia Power is sticking people with the bill for their ill-starred nuclear plants.

    1. Agree that it shouldn’t be free to charge (and we’re a two-EV family).

      Re. power generation, the efficiency of EVs means that they’re cleaner than all gas and most hybrids just about anywhere in the country – including much more coal-heavy states than GA. And the electric grid is getting continually cleaner, so emissions actually improve over time.

  2. I find the location odd. Either two of the very best downtown parking spots will be completely dedicated to electric vehicles only or this charging station may be under utilized because the spaces may be occupied by a gas guzzlers.

    1. Yes, I predict that the majority of the time the spaces will either be empty or have non-electric cars in them.

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