“Decatur Makeover” Website Relaunched as New City-Wide Traffic Resource

Is Decatur traffic an important – if potentially annoying – part of your day-to-day?

Well, the city now has a resource that helps you keep up to speed on where traffic disruptions are occurring all over the city!  (Not just those big, fancy face-lifts along the railway, etc).

Over on the new Decatur Makeover site, the city recommends taking the following steps to stay up-to-date…

+ Read the latest updates for what to expect, and what to avoid.

+ Sign up for our all new email list to receive notification whenever we post.

+ Follow the city on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Greg

2 thoughts on ““Decatur Makeover” Website Relaunched as New City-Wide Traffic Resource”

  1. So, I went to this thing on Sunday. My plan was to meet up with some friends, walk around, be gone in 30 minutes.
    Instead, I explored for about three hours, and my mind was blown by possibilities.
    I’m struggling, 77 acres. How does that proportionately add to Decatur’s four square miles? That might help with scope.
    There’s a pond. Big. There’s a dairy barn. There’s a gym, and a pool. (I don’t think either are in shape but they’re there.)
    There are a lot of buildings (more than thirty.) Various degrees of usefulness. (Many are derelict. On the other hand, many look a lot like my brick ranch on Parkwood.)
    I am not a visionary. But I know that visionaries exist. What did you suggest about how you would like to use the space by 2028? It’s a big space.

    1. geez, I sound like an idiot with that post. Let me submit simpler questions. Did you go? Did you walk around? Did you respond to any of the arranged questions? Did you come up with your own questions? Or answers?

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