Over 400 People Turn Out For First Children’s Home Property Visioning Meeting

It’s a lot of land, especially by COD standards, so not surprisingly there are a lot of ideas on how to use it!

From the Decatur Next website

Dodging rain showers throughout the afternoon, over 400 people turned out on Sunday, February 11 to begin a process many have been dreaming of for nearly a year — ever since Mayor Patti Garrett announced in 2017’s State of the City address that Decatur was in talks with the UMCH organization to acquire the historic, 77 acre property.

After weeks of online announcements, a soaring aerial video, and a postcard mailed to every city address, they came in droves, loaded up with enthusiastic ideas ready to be shared. Hundreds, if not thousands of ways the former Children’s Home property could be used, repurposed, preserved, developed, programmed, or otherwise put in the service of the greater Decatur community.

What’s next?  The city is planning Civic Dinners and a series of interactive workshops throughout March and April to flush out ideas and prioritize goals.  Details over at Decatur Next.

Oh and here’s Mayor Garrett’s thank you video message from the event…