At Home: Hot, Affordable Neighborhoods, Atlanta Top Market for Investment Properties & How High Will Buyers Go?

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3 thoughts on “At Home: Hot, Affordable Neighborhoods, Atlanta Top Market for Investment Properties & How High Will Buyers Go?”

  1. Thanks Michelle –
    From the link …58% of renters believe it’s a good time to buy –

    “But the majority non-owners (56 percent) aren’t acting on their sentiments because of a lack of affordable housing options and the difficulty of saving a down payment”

    The above was interesting in light of the article linked a few weeks ago –
    For ATL millennials with crushing student debt, homeownership can be distant dream
    “On average, college graduates of Atlanta… without…student loans (lucky souls!) have $8,590 saved for a down payment. That’s about three times as much as college grads with debt.”

    Michelle –
    Is a 20% down payment the norm in the Decatur and surrounding ATL metro area?

    Seems “affordable housing” a subjective term.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment Marty. Most of my first time buyers do not have a 20% down payment. Generally they range from the minimum required for a given loan type (conventional, FHA, etc.) up to 10%. Often first time buyers get help from their family with part of the down payment in the form of a gift.

      As for the “norm” here in Decatur, I would say it varies on a case by case basis. A buyer(s) purchasing a condo downtown or a family trading up from their starter home may have a 20% down payment. A doctor with substantial school loans on the other hand may not have 20% and their are specific loan products available to address their needs.

      And yes, affordable is both subjective and relative.

  2. Thanks Michelle. I enjoyed the Vacant Spaces and Walter Reeves articles. I remember well the Rufus Rose House from a visit to the “museum” sometime in the early Seventies. And I’m waiting to see when Walter recommends spraying the last patches of my English ivy (His advice that you should be prepared for a two year long project when eradicating this pest is a good one).
    I don’t think there are annoying vacant spaces in Decatur but there are some interesting ones. I’ve always wondered about the spooky “No Trespassing” lot next to the cemetery South gate on Commerce. I see it’s for sale. And there’s the old McKinney Building space on Church.
    KEEP up the good work!

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