Free-For-All Friday 2/9/18

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

8 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 2/9/18”

  1. I need someone to weed, remulch (or lay stone/rock), and then plant several small trees in my back yard. Potential for a few other possibilities.

    Can anyone recommend a local company for this?

  2. I am surprised there hasn’t been more discussion about the fact that the School Superintendent has left his post to be in Costa Rica for three (3) weeks investigating a Spanish immersion program. I have never heard of a School Superintendent leaving town for any significant amount of time during the school year, especially when we have so many personnel, administrative, real estate, and capital improvement projects going on. There are other, more appropriate staff (both in the central office and in the schools) that could investigate foreign language programs… and definitely at a more appropriate time of the year (like summer..?!?). The program itself is inexpensive, but the three weeks of salary we are paying him for his regular duties is significant.

  3. What’s up with the abandoned house at the corner of Midway and S. Candler? Looks like someone was tearing it down without permits, got caught and they put a stop order on it. But nothing has happened since that time.

  4. Just hit Blaze Pizza for the first time in Emory Commons Plaza (where Publix is). I liked it. It’s very efficient and has good salad options. You’ve got to like thin crust pizza but I do. Only one size (11″) and style of pizza but tons of different topping choices. It’s a pizza place, not an Italian restaurant. You can eat in–fairly sterile atmosphere but that’s the trend these days. Take-out was quick even though I didn’t call ahead and staff were real friendly. Dessert options are chocolate chip cookie, brownie, or samore. I highly recommend the samore warmed up.

    On the downside, the staff reported that a Starbucks is still coming in next door. I am not a coffee snob who will not patronize a Starbucks on principle. I’ll get my lattes wherever I can. But I’m sad that Starbucks keeps choosing to locate where a successful independent coffee shop is already located-Chocolate Coffee is right across the street. Not to mention that the traffic in that shopping center is already problematic at times without having a drive-through lane added. (Note to all: Chocolate Coffee is SO efficient that I’m sure that it’s faster to park there and go in– always lots of spots in AM–than to wait on a long Starbucks drive through. And their coffee is high quality, the atmosphere is cozy, there’s a book library, 10 cents off for correct trivia questions, a small group meeting room, plus awesome staff. Patronize Chocolate Coffee!)

    1. I love that you choose the local coffee shop over the corporate behemoth, but am puzzled why you patronize a corporate pizza place over a great locally owned one. All of these deep pocketed corporate entities that guarantee 10+ year leases in all the slick new plazas are putting local entrepreneurs out of business and sending profits to the venture capitalists that fund them. Blaze(who else can drop 300K to open a pizza shop) , Mod, City BBQ- why would you spend your money there over Avondale Pizza, MM, CommunityQ? Chocolate won’t last when their lease comes up , and a Sunglass Hut can pay up front for a 1o year lease. Shop Local!

      1. I eat in or take out from Community BBQ a lot. I like the new Janet’s Kitchen in that strip too. Like Blaze, they are on my way home from work. Avondale Pizza is not. Don’t like Mellow Mushroom much. But do like Avellini’s and Sapori di Napoli–again, not on my way home from work. Eat some at Athens Pizza House but don’t find their takeout convenient at all. My favorite pizza is the expensive, homemade pizza that is available on Wednesdays when the Decatur Farmer’s Market is in season.

        I basically agree with you about shopping local. To be honest, I didn’t realize that Blaze is a chain. Doesn’t surprise me but didn’t realize it. Life with a full-time, non-teleworking job and family is a balance sometimes between ideal principles and what I can pull off before 6:30 PM on a particular day.

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