Decatur Schools Announce One Make Up Day

Got this note from our Elementary School this morning…

Last night, the board decided to only have us make up one day.  The teacher work day on March 12th will now be a regular school day. You will have the full February break (as of today).

6 thoughts on “Decatur Schools Announce One Make Up Day”

  1. I’m grateful to Annie Caiola for arguing to make up more days during the February break, part of which has already been designated as make-up days. She is right that missing six days is a huge chunk and I don’t believe we can recover the loss in just one day. Frankly I’m surprised and disappointed that Dr. Dude made the argument that many families had already made vacation plans for Feb. break and he didn’t want to interfere with that. The last two days of Feb. break are explicitly noted on the school calendar as being make-up days. I’m disappointed that the rest of the board, our last line of defense, gave in and didn’t uphold the standard that we put in place many years ago to designate certain make-up days.

    1. And don’t kid yourself. The students with the most to lose from this decision won’t be going on vacation that week.

      1. Yes, you are absolutely right. I wish the board would remember that we have many kids from families that will probably never go on a ski trip in February. Those families probably already struggle with childcare during that week anyway…a couple of school days would help them tremendously.

  2. I do not understand why this was even up for discussion. The calendar (approved by the board) clearly shows the days as makeup days. Day 1 should be the teacher workday, day 2: friday of feb break, day 3: thursday of feb break. If you need more days, then it’s time for a discussion. If you poll the teachers, they are gonna always ask for more days off cuz they get paid the same regardless. cra cra, snowflakes reign in our little city.

  3. What would happen if they were determined to be make up days and parents chose to still take their kids on vacation? I’m curious what they penalty for the kids or parents would be.

    1. You’ll find out if they actually choose to use those days for make-up purposes in the future. After this year no one is going to plan around these imaginary make-up days.

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