Free-For-All Friday 1/19/18

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local topics not yet discussed here over the past week.

21 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 1/19/18”

  1. Anyone know what the the building under construction at Clairmont & North Druid Hills Rd is going to be?

  2. I was recently on a flight from San Francisco back to Atlanta. When I got on the plane there were two couples sitting down, talking, while ignoring their kids running up and down the aisles making lots of noise. I asked them if they were from Decatur.

    1. I was recently reading Decatur Metro when a curmudgeonly adult anonymously complained about kids making noise. I asked them if they were from Decatur.

  3. I’m alone here
    With emptiness, eagles, and snow
    Unfriendliness chilling my body
    And whispering pictures of home

    “Pictures of Home”

    -Deep Purple

  4. I’m wondering if CSD has considered or discussed the possibility of building the new 4/5 school on the Children’s Home property with the City. It’s not that far from the Talley St. property they own and are trying to work within.

    That seems like it would have a lot of pros: perhaps a less costrained site to work with, I believe CoD intends to enhance the athletic fields, shared green space, probably shared parking could be worked out to everyone’s benefit. I’m sure CSD could sell the Talley property and purchase from CoD, if this actually would make sense.

    Just a Friday afternoon thought. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons this is a non-starter. And I think CoD would need to clean up the Derrydown annex boundary to accomplish it.

    1. There will be a lot of,opportunity for public input for that property. Nothing definite has been decided and won’t be for a while.

      1. True as it relates to the Children’s Home but the Talley site for the 3/5 is a done deal. School Board approved it several weeks back and the City approved it this week. They’ll be moving into permitting and site clearance within 60 days.

      2. Yes, I was commenting in reference to CSD moving forward with their plans. And they have definitively said a large portion will never be developed due to the type of funding secured.

    2. Like Scott said, the 3-5 school will be on Talley. I wonder if the next High School and Middle School will be at the UMCH.

      With the levels of enrollment, and expansion of the city, those are the facilities under the most stress.

      The K-2 can expand to College Heights, with the new PreK opening across from the admin building. The 3-5 schools can handle a bigger increase. But the middle and high schools are pretty packed.

  5. This has probably been asked dozens of times, but…

    Does anyone have recommendations for a handyman? This would be for a small condo community, not a single family home. Pretty tame exterior & interior repairs and maintenance.

    1. I highly recommend Michael Callahan. I found him via a recommendation previously posted here on DM. He did great work for us and was reasonably priced. You will need to get on his schedule, though, because he is typically very busy. His email is [email protected]

  6. Mr. C and/or Daggerscar, would your recommendation be someone suited to handling small-scale renovation jobs? Like, adding a full bath to an existing room that has just a sink?

    If not, can anybody here on DM recommend a contractor for such a project? We aren’t looking for a fancy firm, just a person/smaller company who’d do quality work at a reasonable price.

  7. Any word on who denuded the trees around the old courthouse? The new treeless look of Decatur & surrounding area is not inviting nor pleasant.

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