UPDATED: Thursday – How are the Streets? / What’s Open? Thread

UPDATE 2: Here’s the list of DeKalb County Road closures, courtesy of Decaturish

UPDATE 1: MARTA is running a modified schedule today 


It’s cold and icy out there this morning.  How are the streets?  And what’s open?  What’s delayed?

City Hall is scheduled to open at noon today.  As you’re likely aware, Decatur Schools are closed.

Ann sent in the photo above, taken WEDNESDAY morning

7 thoughts on “UPDATED: Thursday – How are the Streets? / What’s Open? Thread”

  1. roads from oakhurst to clarkston were much better this morning. some patches of ice, but nothing slow and careful driving can’t handle.

  2. Haven’t gotten out to check openings but I did call about Decatur’s Thursday garbage pickup. It will be done tomorrow (Friday).

    1. Yeah here’s the note about trash pickup from the city…

      Regular trash and recycling collection that is normally scheduled for Tuesday (Northwest City of Decatur) will be collected on Thursday, Jan. 18 beginning at noon.

      Regular trash and recycling collection that is normally scheduled For Thursday and Friday (South Decatur) will be collected on Friday, Jan. 19th beginning at 7:30am.

  3. Drove from Decatur to downtown Atlanta – here’s my update…

    Side streets are still quite bad, with widespread, large patches of snow and ice. Many at intersections. So I would definitely recommend avoiding side streets at all costs, especially with 2WD.

    Main drags are a bit better, with fewer patches. But they’re still there.

    Definitely a good idea to wait to go out any driving until at least noon if you can. Better yet, stay off the roads entirely.

  4. Road conditions are still dodgy. I was going 10 miles an hour and still skidded on some icy patches while taking my kid to daycare. Be very careful out there.

  5. Come ON, Saturday!!! Can’t wait for those 60-degree temps to kick back in! ‘Twill be positively balmy.

  6. I imagine everyone’s gotten the emails and robo-calls already but, for anyone who hasn’t heard: CSD has a 2-hour delayed opening tomorrow. Atlanta and DeKalb schools are still closed, I hear. I imagine there’s some parents feeling pretty cooped up right now, especially if the fun snow in their yard has already vanished.

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