What’s Open in Decatur? Snow Day Thread

There’s snow all over Decatur’s streets this morning!  And we don’t have any real plows in the South!  And it’s below freezing!

So you know what that means!  Here’s your “What’s Open?” thread to get the word out about what businesses are open – and which are closed – around the city!

Stay warm DEC.

23 thoughts on “What’s Open in Decatur? Snow Day Thread”

  1. What coffee shops are open?

    How are the roads? Safe to drive slowly? Enough snow cover to X-country ski?

    1. revolution donuts is open. roads are ok if you drive slow and don’t have any steep hills on your route. perfectly fine with 4wd. not sure about the skiing.

    2. ChocoLate on the north side (shopping center with Bicycle South and Rainbow Grocery, etc.) is open today. Don’t know about getting there, though. N. Decatur Road is a mess and I assume Clairmont is also.

    1. I drove College Ave from Decatur through AE. Agree with ant1’s comments: slow is fine, especially with AWD. Only slid a little when I hit gas too fast at light. I had very minor hills on my route.

  2. Coming from a true southerner: roads do not look good.

    Appear to be open/opening for lunch:
    Kale Me Crazy (who wants a smoothie?)
    Mellow Mushroom
    Taco Mac
    Thumb’s Up
    Brick Store

  3. Trash pickup and other city stuff may be found at thedecaturminute.com. I hope it will be updated later, since it says that Tuesday trash pickup is rescheduled from Wednesday to Thursday; what if the ice isn’t gone Thursday?

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