Decatur Schools Will Be Closed Thursday

In case you have yet to hear!  From the CSD Facebook page

City Schools of Decatur schools and offices will remain closed on Thursday, January 18, 2018, due to continued icy conditions and the forecast for dangerously cold wind chills. All scheduled events and activities are canceled.

At the January 23rd Board meeting, the Board will discuss the days missed this week and last week to decide on make up days. In case you missed the previous announcement, the three days missed following the mass power outages caused by the hurricane earlier this year will not be made up.

One thought on “Decatur Schools Will Be Closed Thursday”

  1. I just went for a run and agree with this decision 100%. It is still very icy in many places, both on the sidewalks and in the streets. And it won’t be much better tomorrow morning.

    On a related note, looking for some fun? Go to a hilly intersection with ice and watch the cars try to start at a green light. Eastbound on Ponce between the Sycamore and Arcadia/Dekalb Industrial intersections, and southbound on the east side of Commerce at Ponce are two that come to mind.

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