Decatur Schools Closed Tomorrow Due To Forecasted Icy Conditions

From CSD

Weather update from City Schools of Decatur- Out of an abundance of caution and awareness for the safety of our students and employees, City Schools of Decatur will be closed on Monday, January 8, 2018, due to potential icy road conditions. All scheduled after school activities and events are canceled for Monday, January 8.

4 thoughts on “Decatur Schools Closed Tomorrow Due To Forecasted Icy Conditions”

  1. Hmmm, seems kind of fishy to me. I better not catch a single teacher or administrator tailgating early today!!

    1. Hey, teachers don’t make the call. I’m as bummed as anyone, since I’ll have to “ make it up”. ( another school district, but still) but may as well enjoy the game!

    2. The key question is whether CSD will have to use one of those February vacation days as a make-up. Says someone who just plunked down a substantial sum for plane tickets.

  2. Wow. Thank goodness my wife and I had to split a workday to stay home with the kids in these horrific conditions. They might’ve (gulp) gotten wet

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