Free-For-All Friday 12/8/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

Today’s post is brought to you by “the snow”.  The snow asks “will we come to your town today?  Work from home and find out!”

23 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 12/8/17”

    1. Got a call moments ago that all after school and Saturday activities are cancelled, but that it will be normal dismissal time.

  1. It’s here! I can honestly say, in my 43 years I have never seen this much snow in Georgia in December — and barely a week into December at that. I remember a minuscule dusting we got on Christmas Eve one year sometime in the early 90s, which was magical. That was it. But this is a wholly new thing to me, and welcome. Beautiful.

    1. Here’s an email I received from City Manager Peggy Merriss in September:

      Google reps say they are committed to providing service to Decatur. Google realized the original implementation plan was not working so they took a step back and put a pause on their construction. City development staff met with Google reps a few months ago for a project status conference and to discuss construction techniques that were less invasive to the City’s existing infrastructure. Our staff is following up with Google to schedule a project status update. At this point we do not have a timeline for project implementation.

      Peggy Merriss
      City Manager

    1. Cafe Alsace posted they would be open, and it looked warm and welcoming when I walked by this afternoon. Also Farm Burger, and Mellow.

  2. If it snows all night as predicted I hope some intrepid photographer gets a picture of the trees on the lawn at First Christian. They were beautiful when I drove past this evening.

      1. Thanks! And I can vouch for the fact that the sidewalks are mostly clear although mushy in spots on residential streets and Dancing Goats Coffee Shop is open! Kids are sledding on First Christian’s hill and there’s snowball fights in front of Fleet Feet. But the sun is peeking out so our winter wonderland won’t last much longer!

  3. Decatur old-timers: I’ve seen city aerials as recently as the 70s where there’s clearly two rail lines bisecting the city rather than the one we have now. Does anyone know when it switched to a single line and why? It would seem to represent significant expense and upheaval that only makes the line less efficient.

    1. Reducing a double track to single is done by a railroad after analyzing the traffic and maintenance expense. Passing tracks are left so trains heading different directions may pass each other at certain points. Not sure when that may have been done around here, but certainly prior to the early 80s.

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