Aldi Coming to Decatur Crossing Just North of Decatur

If you’ve driven down Scott Boulevard in the last couple of days, you may have noticed that the building they’re constructing where the old Ford dealership sat for years (Streetview) – the one that looked like an Aldi – is, in fact, an Aldi!

The sign went up on the building late last week.  As a commenter wrote in FFAF this past Friday, “What will we do with all of these new grocery stores?”

18 thoughts on “Aldi Coming to Decatur Crossing Just North of Decatur”

  1. I’m just wondering why you say “I guess the Trader Joe’s folks finally played their hand in the Decatur area”? Aldi brand is owned by Aldi Sud, while Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldi Nord. They are different companies.

        1. I used to LOVE the Trader Joe’s in West LA! It’s why I’m always so wistful about getting one in Decatur.

    1. Agree. Although started by brothers years ago, they split. ALDI is its own creature, and I am personally thrilled to have them located there. I was initially concerned about the grocery store saturation as well, but then I reminded myself that when I *have* tried to shop Sprouts…well, I haven’t. Bulk flour, chocolate covered honeycomb….seaweed. That’s pretty much all they have for me.

    1. I seriously cannot tell if you are being facetious or this is a legitimate problem some segment of the Decatur population has been contending with, unbeknownst to me…

  2. Dear TJs. We got everything else and all within walking distance of each other. It’s your turn.

    And people from Midtown would drive there to simply avoid dealing with the Midtown Promenade parking lot.

  3. I love Aldi, but traffic on Scott/Medlock/N. Decatur has gotten progressively worse over the past few months, so I’ll still probably drive to the Aldi on Memorial. And I can get gas at Kroger right across the street.

    1. You will find that the Scott Blvd is going to be one their new, much larger formats with greater and more consistent selection. The Memorial Drive location is one of the oldest, smaller formats. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

      1. Cool, Steve. Thanks for sharing that. Aldi can truly save a few bucks. I can understand why some people might not like going there, but I’m totally sold on these stores. Curious to see how this is different.

      2. The one on LaVista is the new/big style. It’s shiny and pretty, but it’s more likely to be out of stuff than any other Aldi I visit. It does have a refrigerated produce section which some people prefer. It doesn’t make much of a difference for me, but my family blows through produce pretty quickly, so as long as I choose it properly to begin with and store it, with I don’t have freshness problems at home.

        Another advantage of the older stores is that the smaller footprint makes it easier to zip in and out of the store. Something about the larger layout leads to people meandering, staring into space and blocking the aisles. As I am in Aldi 5 times a week sometimes, I like the simplicity of Memorial/Moreland/Buford. The only reason I ever go to LaVista is that it’s the quickest drive bc I live near 285.

    2. If you want a preview of a larger store, go to the one at Northlake next to Best Buy. The Scott Blvd will be better than that one.

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