UPS Store Coming To Downtown Decatur

The former “17 Steps” space in the CVS Plaza along West Ponce is being transformed into a UPS Store.

A commenter in FFAF noted recently that signs hung outside the space announced the change.  We’ve since seen it with our own eyes, thereby confirming.

The next closest UPS Store is up in the Publix Plaza at N. Decatur and Clairmont Road, which is close in proximity, but can be a hassle to get to in rush hour traffic.  There’s also a FedEx Kinkos up at that intersection.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

3 thoughts on “UPS Store Coming To Downtown Decatur”

  1. handy, but dang…another corporate chain store comes to the COD high rent district. Jimmy Johns, Sherwin Williams, UPS…before you know it Decatur will be filled chains and poke bowl restaurants. oh wait…

  2. If you haven’t checked out or even knew it exsisted, Edwin Jarvis in downtown Avondale is an excellent place to mail packages. Allen is so helpful and the store has a lot of other amenities. at 88 N Avondale Rd.

    1. Edwin Jarvis in AE is great: we have used their co-working space (hurricane power outage), mailing and shredding services. Great small business with excellent customer service.

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