Free-For-All Friday 11/10/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

17 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 11/10/17”

  1. Congrats to Kelly Walsh, who has worked tirelessly for the community, and will now work tirelessly for the city.

  2. Does anyone have insight into when the new traffic signals at College and S. Candler and S. McDonough will be activated? I think the rest of the intersection has been completed since August.

    1. There’s a big matrix sign at the top of McDonough that says those will be activated on 11/20. I assume the same would be true for Candler. You could ask Hugh Saxon at the City.

  3. We have a spare shoe, scared right off some poor child, that was left in our makeshift corn maze on Halloween. Child’s size 9 rose gold Nike.

  4. Raking leaves today as the trees kept doping more and ever more leaves. When I finished it looked like I needed to start all over again. Sisyphus, I know how you must feel and adopt you as the patron saint of raking fall leaves…

  5. Any news on whether Costco is coming to N Dekalb Mall? Someone saw surveyors and speculated, but is there any real info?

  6. So I was looking at the CSD calendar, and noticed that the Thursday and Friday of Winter Break (February 22 and 23) are marked as make-up days. I’m assuming it’s a result of the power outages/school closings earlier this year.

    If there was an announcement, I must have missed it.

    1. The calendar I checked still shows winter break the full week. I believe that the days are available for make up if needed, but nothing has been communicated about it that I can find.

    2. I believe the superintendent announced that the days lost to hurricane related power outages would be forgiven under a state provison. As another mentioned, the ones on the calendar still remain as makeup days for any upcoming school cancelations.

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