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  1. Why why why why WHY do we not have one of those trucks that will drive around and suck up the leaves?! We had one growing up, in a much smaller town that Decatur, Avondale Estates has one. Given our canopy we should really consider how much more sustainable it would be to run that truck a few times each fall versus the hundreds and hundreds of lawn bags every year. 🙁

        1. I saw the video of that street-sweeper truck going up in flames and live just around the corner…it actually blew up with shocking force and made quite a explosive noise over here in Winnona Park. The street is still scarred from the intense associated fire. I can’t believe that sweeper was salvaged. The poor operator barely escaped with their life!

    1. Here’s another way to consider it though: a truck is big and expensive. It must be made through industrial manufacturing processes, its engine will produce emissions (probably more so than a regular large truck as the vacuum must be powered too), and it costs lots of money for a limited purpose.

      Alternatively, by spreading the work out among the city’s landowners (who can either rake up leaves themselves or outsource it to a landscaper), we use our sweat or other personal resources to achieve the same results. Instead of financing many future years of leaf collection wit a single tax roll disbursement, we only “pay” for it as long as we are property owners, since once we move away it is no longer our problem.

      Finally, the leaf bags are biodegradable and are made from a plentiful, renewable natural resource. Seems to me it’s arguably more sustainable than a diesel truck that was manufactured overseas and shipped to its final destination in Decatur, only to contribute to Atlanta’s poor air quality for years to come. 🙂

  2. I much prefer the lawn service folks for a home on Clairmont, heading towards Scott Blvd, who would use a leaf blower to blow all the leaves from the yard into the street and onto passing traffic. Way easier than bagging!

  3. Interesting how someone submits a lovely picture of colorful fall leaves collected on a sidewalk and then someone else questions why we are not getting rid of them faster? Then adding and suggesting that “lawn bags” are a public nuisance? These falling and collecting leaves are a beautiful reminder of how lovely it is to live here during this wonderful season. Also the picture truly presents a nice contrast to the decaying, mouldy concrete.

    1. I ADORE the leaves! I don’t want them gone faster! I take frequent walks in the autumn to bask in their loveliness in our neighborhood. But they must be removed eventually as my neighbors end up scowling at my “unkempt” yard and sidewalks because I can not physically rake them all up and can not afford lawn services. Was just wondering why we could not have the truck. 🙁

    2. Right on Eric. Folks need to take some time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. The colors in the photo are magical and bring joy to many.I love watching the kids running through the leaves and shuffling their feet to spray them out in all directions. We moved to Decatur 25 years ago because we prefer the old neighborhoods and tree lined streets to the bare sterility of new sprawling treeless…and leafless subdivisions.

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