Election Day Open Thread

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It’s Election Day, and you know what that means…open thread on a Tuesday!!

Are there lines at the polls?  Any issues at the precincts?  Any last minute concerns about the ballot? etc, etc…

If you don’t know where you need to vote, you can access the State’s voter webpage to pull up the address of your assigned precinct.  Happy voting Decatur!

20 thoughts on “Election Day Open Thread”

  1. Report from FFAF:
    Just a reminder : there would not be a runoff for the 4 way contested Commission seat. By City Charter, plurality wins.

  2. One of my favorite aspects of living in Decatur is its politics. We are a bastion of politeness, even when we disagree with each other, compared to a lot of other cities in this region. The candidates actually debate policy. And when a candidate comes around and tries to disregard this paradigm, they’re sounded rejected. Thank you Decatur.

    1. The District One race has four candidates so perhaps the death of representative democracy is overstated.

  3. I went on my lunch break and was the only voter at my voting site. I got my pick of the out of date and probably insecure voting machines.

    1. And where can we find them? AJC (so far) only seems interested in some of the more high-profile races. Secretary of State website proving to be less helpful than I had hoped as well . . .

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