Root City Plans Popup Shop in Downtown Decatur This Holiday Season

This is pretty neat.

The folks at Root City – who host some super cool curated pop-up markets around Atlanta – have just announced that they’re planning on opening a temporary Pop-Up Shop in the old Art Institute space at 1 West Court House Squarenext to Souper Jenny this holiday season.

Here’s the email and FAQ they sent around the other day with the deets…

We have so much GREAT news to share with you!

1. Root City will have a Popup SHOP – a brick and mortar spot –  this holiday season in Downtown Decatur! We just received confirmation and we’re SO EXCITED!!!

…You may be wondering what this means. We have some FAQs below and the bottom line is that we are continuing to bring local, artisanal handmade goods to you for the upcoming holiday shopping season. If you’re a Maker, you can apply HERE.

Popup Shop FAQ:
Q: What’s the difference between a popup market and a popup shop? 
A: Popup markets are usually one or two days. Each of the Makers are on-site manning their own booths. However, a popup shop is a longer engagement.. In this case, four weeks. Root City will be selling on behalf of the Makers and although we are planning to have events with the Makers, they won’t all be present all of the time.

Q: Where will it be?!
A: West Court Square in Downtown Decatur – 1 West Court Square #110, Decatur, GA 30030. For those who are familiar, it’s right next to Souper Jenny where the Art Institute of Atlanta – Decatur used to be located.

Q: What dates will the popup shop be open?
A: We’re planning to open for Shop Small Saturday – 11/25/17 and stay open until 12/2317. We’re still working on the hours.

Q: Will there be fun events at this popup shop?
A: OF COURSE! As soon as we have them on the books, we’ll let you know

Q: I’m a Maker and I want to be apart of this but I can’t be at a popup shop for the month of December. How will this work?
A: Great News! You don’t have to be there! Root City is handling staffing of the shop for you.

Q: I’m a Maker and I’m super pumped about this! Where do I apply?
A: HERE! We can’t wait either!

Photo courtesy of Root City Market Facebook page

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  1. I make different things: this year, beautiful matted collages, hand made coasters, floor cloths, doggie and kitty place mats, bookmarks, tiny paintings with stands,etc.

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