Free-For-All Friday 10/6/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed over the past week.

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  1. Hello Decatur World!
    A “CB Shout Out” to the Pure Station across the street from the old Decatur Federal Building and Decatur First Methodist on East Ponce. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a large bolt attached to my right rear tire. I stopped by Kauffman Tires on the way home and the manager Mike told me, “Son, you got more problems in this tire besides that big ol’ ugly bolt. See all these other screws and nails? You need new tires”. He gave me a good deal, including the suggestion to wait until the Falcons next game (Falcon points equals cash discount on tires). I made it home but worried the entire time. Well this morning, at my office across from the rec center, I started prying that bolt out thinking it was only between the treads. Sure enough, air started hissing and I thought, I’m screwed like the Confederate Memorial. The owner of the office building, who lives in Decatur, stopped to help and suggested that I take it over to the Pure Station. Those Pure boys started laughing after examining the tire but they pulled the screws out and patched the bolt and nail holes.
    Total Price – $10!
    Guess I need to celebrate at The Big Tex after work today… No wait, I’ve got to go to the “Make Tucker Great Again” rally this evening 🙂
    Thanks Decatur Pure Station Boys. Well Done.

  2. The giant Pumpkin of Lights on Ponce makes me happy! Homeowners, thanks for putting it up every year.

  3. It seems that a developer wants to put a road through Dearborn Park and build 16-17 large houses. This would be a tragic loss for our area. Dearborn Park is a treasure in the southern part of the city with a creek (Shoal Creek, which flows to the South River), a variety of wildlife, and numerous old growth trees. There will be a zoning meeting Monday evening. I hope with every ounce of hope in my shriveled little cynical heart that this development can be prevented. Here’s a picture of the notice.

    1. I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. If you look at the county tax map, you’ll see West Dearborn Circle continues as a right-of-way south towards Chevelle Lane adjacent to Dearborn Park. It may not yet be an open public street but it is a right-of-way with legal lots of record fronting it.

      I couldn’t find a staff report so I don’t know the details of the variance request (which the City does not have to grant). But the owner of these lots has every right to develop them per the zoning and development regulations in place and are under no obligation to leave them vacant even if most people think of their land as part of Dearborn Park.

      If someone does wish to incorporate these lots into Dearborn Park proper, then great: an individual or organization could acquire them from the current owners and deed it over to DeKalb County for expanded park space.

  4. I’m apparently full of things to say today! I didn’t want to post this in the same thread as the Dearborn Park thread as this is a completely separate topic.

    I came close to hitting a kid on a bicycle at about 7:20 yesterday morning. I was heading west on Davis, crossing McDonough, and the youngster was heading south on McDonough. I stopped at the stop sign and looked both ways, but the young cyclist was wearing dark clothing with no lights or reflective gear. No helmet, either, for that matter. I simply did not see him as I pulled out. He had wavy blonde hair and was probably somewhere around 12-14 years old. If you know him, or any kid that cycles, please remind them that lights are actually a legal requirement when cycling in low light conditions. Reflective gear is also a good idea. It really gave me a scare, and I’m so glad I did manage to see him in time to stop as he passed in front of me.

    1. Thinking that was my kid until you said wavy blonde hair. Glad it wasn’t, but I will definitely pass on your reminder about lights and reflective gear.

  5. Any news on Savi Provisions? No sign of life there.

    I sent them an enthusiatic request on Twitter looking forward to their arrival … no response yet.

    1. We asked at the Inman Park Savi and the nice associate there said they were probably starting in about a month–something about alcohol permits? He mentioned they were opening a Buckhead location first. But he definitely said it was still happening, and that he was slated to work there! He was lovely, so a win for Decatur!

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