Free-For-All Friday 9/29/17

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

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  1. Neighborhood yard sale tomorrow (Saturday 9/30) in Clairemont/great lakes Please come reallocate belongings. Off both sides of Clairemont south of Scott.

  2. Does anyone know what’s proposed to be happening on College Ave by the Thankful Missionary Baptist parking lot? I noticed signs there yesterday so didn’t know if something new was coming in there.

    1. I think that there is an (unofficial) neighborhood meeting to discuss it Sunday afternoon at The Imperial.

    2. The corner of Thankful’s lot, across from the Imperial, is zoned Neighborhood Commercial but the rest of their lot is zoned Institutional. They would like to rezone it all Neighborhood Commercial which would allow them to sell off their Mead Road frontage and fund their ability to remain in the neighborhood. That frontage is currently envisioned as live/works where Mead meets College and townhomes as you move further down the street.

  3. Good morning DM WORLD!
    Today, Friday at 2:00, the DHS JROTC will present the “Decatur High School JROTC September 11 Service Award” to Decatur Police officer Lt. Jennifer Ross, Ms. Mary Farmer (long time CSD employee recently retired), Mr. Mawuli Davis (attorney and community leader), and one additional person in the DHS Performing Arts facility. Long time Decatur resident and World War II veteran Mr. Julian Rau will present the awards.
    The public is invited.

  4. If you are in COD and haven’t signed up for Smart 911, you need to do so. It can give first responders valuable info beyond your home address regardless of where you’re calling from even on your cell phone. It can also send you emergency and/or weather alerts.

  5. I have a gripe and I’d appreciate your help in where to address it.

    Trucks delivering to DeKalb Medical Center on the corner of Commerce and N. Candler are parking in the right lane, with flashers, bottlenecking Commerce to just 1 lane. This creates a mess with the little Kroger entrance, which has people turning from the otherwise unobstructed left lane. In the past year, I’ve seen numerous cars swerving into and out of the left lane to avoid these illegally parked trucks.

    DeKalb Medical Center has a loading dock, but these trucks opt not to use it. They also have the option of walking a few extra feet and parking on N. Candler, which is a significantly less-traveled stretch of road.

    I’m sure a few traffic citations would end this practice and make that stretch of Commerce much safer. So who needs to hear about this so it comes to an end?

  6. Big gas leak somewhere in the decatur square down by the post office. Firetrucks and police trying to find the cause of it. The toy park has been cleared until further notice.

        1. Comment was made in jest and was referring to the likely increase in running toddlers inside Dancing Goats due to closure of the Toy Park.

  7. Gripe: I love the new Trinity intersection/web, but am wondering why there are still 4 barrels across the right-turn onto Howard. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Hubby thinks someone forgot to remove them, and now they’ve all left, and no one else is willing to move them. He wants to go by in the dark of night and move them so we can start turning properly there.

    1. I find the stop sign at the end of the barrel lane a bit concerning. A couple of cars pulling in there and then having to stop for traffic on E Howard will quickly back up traffic trying to head into Decatur on Candler/E Trinity. East Howard is pretty lightly used in that area, I guess, so hopefully it won’t be a big issue. But I do find the new intersection somewhat incomprehensible, and I sort of wondered if the barrels were still there because they realized after the fact that the new configuration was going to cause problems.

    2. I’m wondering if they were trying to leave it blocked off or closed until they finished the crosswalk striping?

      1. I’ll bet you’re right. If you go there now you’ll see that the crosswalk across Candler was previously painted but has been blacked out because (it looks like) the striping company didn’t line it up with the ADA scallops at the corners.

        1. And the now useless crosswalk across W Trinity from the Callaway Building has finally been blacked out and the pylon and lights removed.

    3. Looks like they caught on to what people are doing. I noticed yesterday the barrels are back in place and effectively blocking that lane off.

  8. What is (not) happening with Savi Provisions in the Cooks Warehouse space? No sign of life there yet. “This summer” (quote in older news article) is about gone, and we know they got their booze license.

    (I just look forward to a short walk for beer and cheese …)

  9. Rode by the police station on MARTA today, and it appeared that the flag was at half mast. Anyone know what that was about?

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