Steel City Pops Opens Decatur Location This Saturday

Steel City Pops has announced that their new Decatur location – and production facility – along Church Street – the first in GA – will open this Saturday, September 20th.  Here’s the release…

Birmingham, AL-based artisanal pop company Steel City Pops has announced a new retail space to open at 312 Church Stree in Decatur. The shop will feature Steel City’s signature handmade frozen pops, locally sourced and made with all natural ingredients.

Steel City Pops opened their first shop in Birmingham, AL in May of 2012. They strive to make gourmet frozen pops with the freshest, all-natural ingredients. When possible, they source their ingredients locally by connecting with food artisans and farmers in the area. Their desire is to represent the very best that a region has to offer and share those unique culinary experiences from one region to another among all the Steel City Pops locations. They currently have 19 shops in three different states.


3 thoughts on “Steel City Pops Opens Decatur Location This Saturday”

  1. I feel like that’s a steep challenge to take on King of Pops in this city . . . Maybe I’ll be surprised and there’s more difference in quality of craft popsicles than I ever imagined.

    1. No doubt it is a challenge to be second-to-market, and that King of Pops has built up a substantial reputation. Nevertheless, Steel City has elected to call Decatur its home, and as a Decatur-based business, we should support it (all other things being equal). I’m looking forward to trying some of its flavors.

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