Turn It Up! The Oakhurst Porchfest Spotify Playlist – 2017

Do you love Oakhurst Porchfest so much that you wish you could take it with you everywhere?

Or maybe you’re the “lists and planning” type, who leaves nothing to chance and wishes you could to learn more about the 200+ band options available to you (an embarrassment of riches!) before you hit the pavement on Saturday, October 14th.

Well, we here at Porchfest HQ have been working on a bit of a treat for you.

We’ve combed through all the artists and bands scheduled to play this year’s event and cultivated a roughly 2 1/2 hour Spotify playlist to whet your appetite and showcase a sampling of our artist slate.

We think it turned out pretty rockin’.

Listen to it below, or better yet CLICK HERE and listen, save and shuffle it directly in the Spotify app.

Happy listening!

2 thoughts on “Turn It Up! The Oakhurst Porchfest Spotify Playlist – 2017”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for putting this together. This is a great way to preview the music and get a short list of “must sees” together without sitting at the computer for hours and hours.

    Fantastic upgrade to the event this year!!!!

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